What Ever Happened To.. Blu Cantrell?

I know the ladies have to remember Miss Blu Cantrell. She sang the ode to women scorned on the R&B charts of 2001.  It was her that gave women the advice to charge up the credit cards of their cheating mates, in the event of their infidelity.  The single, "Hit 'Em Up Style", gave all wronged women a new anthem, advising them to hit up Neiman-Marcus and make that cheating man pay for his cheating via his BANK ACCOUNT.

Can you believe that was ten years ago?  After that single, I never heard anything more from Miss Blu (other than a photo I won't discuss here) or her Hit 'Em Up style. I wonder what she's doing these days.  Do any of you guys know?

In the meantime, check out Blu's video for "Hit 'Em Up Style" here:

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