Girls Night in With Kimberly

Planning a fun night in with your girlfriends and have no clue where to start? Below Kimberly has creative ideas that will make for epic celebrations of friendship and good times.

FAVORITE THINGS PARTY | We all marveled over Oprah's "My Favorite Things Party" where she gave out about 25 (expensive & elaborate) gifts to hundreds of audience members! Well why not have your own "My Favorites Things Party" but with a fun affordable twist?! Perhaps your favorite thing and item is a "TIDE pen" and your girlfriends favorite-cannot-live-without item is a "mini mirror". You invite 10 girls to the "Favorite Things Party" and each girl brings 10 of their favorite thing! At the end of the night, each girl leaves with 10 little necessities that all have a story behind them! This is a fun and cool party to have and definitely a great gift exchange for a night in with the girls!

SHOP MY CLOSET PARTY | Ever realize that you have things in your closet that you just don't wear? Or do you realize that you have things that still have the tags on them? Well, bring out the clothing rack and fill it up with goodies! Perhaps that unworn item will look great on your friend Sue, or perhaps Sue can use that as a gift for her daughter? A "Shop My Closet Party" is a fun way to get rid of things that take up space in your closet. It's also a great way to fill those empty spots with great new items! Get creative! Invite your guest to bring jewelry, shoes, hats, purses, coats, gloves, etc., and don't forget to have everyone name their "boutique". There's nothing like a painless shopping spree done over wine and hors d'oeuvres!

WATCH NIGHT | Watch Nights for the girls can go in just about ANY direction! Perhaps all the girls can share a few Youtube videos that are "must sees"! Or perhaps you all can have a TV Show Party where someone has all of the Housewives of Atlanta episodes Tivo'd and ready to watch! Or maybe there is a new dance that is out or a dance instruction video that will be fun to learn! Or maybe someone can just grab a redbox movie that can be watched over desserts and snacks made by each girl! Watch Nights are a fun way to hang with the girls and it offers tons of opportunity to discuss and laugh during and after the viewing party!

MANI-PEDI PARTY | There's nothing like a relaxing mani and pedi. "Set up shop" at one of the girl's places and have everyone bring over their nail polish, nail tools, and nail pictures for inspiration! To avoid a mess, have all of the girls "prep" at home; wash, buffer, file, and moisturize. Whether you each do your own manis and pedis or whether you guys each do each others, the most enjoyable homemade manis and pedis are the ones that are done with time on our sides! Turn on some oldies or put on a good movie. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the flow!

COLOR-THEMED PARTY | A color-themed party is fun and will get the girls thinking! Pick a color out of a hat, then have all of the girls come with 10 of their favorite or their most random "pink" items. Each girl will leave with a bag full of color-coded goodness! And each item will always remind each girl of someone!

BEAUTY PARTY | Watched a makeup or hair tutorial online but never had time to actually TRY these new techniques? Then why not throw a makeover party?! Spend a few hours with your laptops out following a tutorial's steps with a partner and share great laughs through the triumphs and trials of getting "beautified". It's funny seeing what we women go through to accomplish "beauty" and a "Beauty Party" gives us girls a chance to just make fun of ourselves! You can be serious about the makeover or just have an "ugly makeover" party! Be creative and after the party, hang up a white sheet and host a photoshoot! Take lots of pictures that can be made into albums or scrapbooks during a follow-up party! This party is tons of fun!=]

DIY PARTY | Get crafty! There are a ton of DIY projects out there on the www! So why not take part in the craze and have fun making something. We often miss out on our artistic side once the Real World hits us hard! So a night of some arts and crafts is always a great way to kick back and revisit your artistic side. Perhaps you want to decorate an apron, a bra, a boustiere, a pair of shorts, or a pair of Converse! DIY parties are tons of fun! Be sure to research the project you plan on working on so that you can bring enough supplies to go around!

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