What Ever Happened To.. Monifah?

Monifah as Billie Holliday

I remember back in 1995 when I first heard the song "I Miss You" by Monifah featuring Heavy D.  It was playing on the radio in the car as I was riding home from a weekly trip to Walmart with mommy.  Monifah's voice was fresh and new then, full of soul and emotion.  She totally convinced me with her sultry sound that she was missing someone.  And because the radio's DJ didn't announce the song's artist at the beginning nor the end of the song, I found myself up all night hoping to hear the song again so I could dub it onto one of my tapes!  You know you all did that back in the day, too!  Well needless to say, I got Monifah alright, and a couple of Right On! magazines from the local grocery store to make me an official fan.  Monifah became one of my favorite singers of the time.

In Monifah's time in the spotlight, she released three studio albums- Moods..Moments, Mo'hogany, and Home.  The last I've heard from her, she was seen in Michael Baisden's play Men Cry in the Dark.  Does anyone know what she is up to now?

While we are all reminiscing on Monifah, check out some of her hits, featuring my three faves, I Can Tell, Touch it, and Nana featuring Chico Debarge.

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