Guest Post: Being You While Doing You

You were made to be an individual. You were made to be you. It’s so much harder to try to fill someone else’s shoes than it is to walk in yours. How often have you found yourself trying to fit in and then ask yourself, “Who is that girl?”

These are tried and true methods for staying true to you in a world full of wannabes:

1.   Spit it out (tastefully).
Are you too afraid to speak up?  Have you found yourself stumbling because you are too embarrassed to tell the truth?  That's a clear sign you are not being true to yourself (or to those around you).  Identify at least one situation in which you have not said what you need to say.  Then, schedule a definitive time to address the issue or the person tastefully. Do not waste anyone’s time or energy pretending everything is A-OK when it is just the opposite.

2.  Express your style in your personal appearance.
It may seem vain, but coming from the right “place,” it is not.  Clothing is a language all its own.  What does your current style say about you?  Is that message being communicated to those in which you interact?  As I transition from one stage of life to another, I am redefining my personal style.  Out with the trendy college wear and in with a more office chic look.  Be creative enough to dress in a way that makes you feel good, even when your choices are restricted for professional reasons (i.e., office environment, uniform).

3.  Do the right thing.
There is nothing more authentic than walking out your morals and values for the world to see.  When your actions do not line up with your walk, then it is no surprise that your conscience kicks in waving a red flag.  Practice integrity and truth and you will have a sense of peace about your decisions and actions.

4.  It is okay to still be growing.
Most of the time, when we are uncomfortable in our own skin, it is because we are having growing pains gains. When you go with the flow and stop fighting growth then you will enjoy the process so much more.  

When are you most likely to not be yourself?  Are there consistent things you do that do not reflect your true self?  What holds you back from being your true self?

Be more authentic today.

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