Memoirs of a Fashion Blogger: Meet Roxy

Ladies and gentlemen, do I have a treat for you today!  Since I am such a fan of fashion and how style is interpreted by other fashion bloggers, I've started a new segment here on the blog called "Memoirs of a Fashion Blogger."  My goal is to rap with fashion bloggers to get a glimpse of the fashion world from their points of view.  

Now when I think of bloggers with impeccable style, Roxy of Accessories We Love is one of the first bloggers that come to mind.  Since becoming a member of Bloggers Like Me, I've caught wind of Roxy's fashion blog and have fallen in love with the looks she comes up with.  I am so in awe of her classic, well put-together style!  She amazes me with the way her personality shines through the looks she puts together each week.  So without further adieu, I introduce to you Roxy of Accessories We Love. 

D: Tell me all about your blog, Roxy!
R: I’ve had my blog for a little over 2 years but I've only been seriously blogging for a year. Meaning…I take breaks, get bored, and become busy often, so for now I try to post on a regular basis. My original intention was to use the blog to promote my jewelry business. I later incorporated my personal style to the mix. I blog primarily for enjoyment, it’s an online diary of sorts, and my personal escape from my daily routine. I’m growing, learning, and enjoying so much by having both the blog and my small business.   

D: How do you define your style? Do you have a signature look?
R: I honestly can’t define my style and I’ve given up on putting it into a category. I pretty much know what I like and what I don’t like to see myself in. Signature look? Hmmmmm…I love a basic denim fitted jeans or skinnies as they call them these days, white collar shirt, and red pumps. Throw in some statement accessories and that’s me.   

D: Where do you look for style inspiration?
R: I’m all over the place with that but I look to everyday women. I get inspiration from other bloggers or vloggers. I check out magazines, social media platforms, [such as] Pinterest and other online sources. I also like fashion magazines, no one in particular. I skim through them, when I’m bored and save the pages. 

D: Who are your style icons?
R: Growing up, it was my mother.  I've always admired how stylish she is to this day. In short, I love how Janet Jackson rocks a pair of blue jeans, I think Jennifer Lopez knows how to dress up all her assets, and I love classic beauties like Halle Berry because she makes anything look good. 

D: Name other fashion bloggers you admire.
R: I can’t even narrow them down, I like too many of them and admire them all for different reasons. 

D: What items do you feel are wardrobe "must-haves?"
R: Red pumps, anything leopard/cheetah, great fitting pair of basic blue jeans, white collar shirt, black dress, black blazer, accessories to name just a few. 

D: What are your favorite places to shop?
R: For window shopping? Saks or Neiman Marcus! For daily finds, anywhere that has a clearance rack!! LOL…No place in particular, basically anywhere that my pocketbook can afford.
D: I'm with you on the clearance rack deal! That's my favorite landing spot in any store! Lol!

D: What [trends] are you looking forward to wearing in the Spring?
R: I’ll be wearing yellow, stripes, floral, and emerald. I just hit up Google ;-)

D: If your style had a theme song, what would it be?
R: Oh gosh, I don’t know but John Legend's “Green Light” comes to mind immediately!

D: Do you have any styling tips or advice you would like to give someone who's working on developing her personal style?
R: Challenge yourself to see how many ways you can mix and match your own wardrobe before you go shopping. You may save yourself a lot of money!

If you are not yet informed about Miss Roxy's whereabouts in these internet streets, please get familiar!

Check her out on Instagram at “roxyjewels”

*And if you are a fashion blogger and would like to be featured in my "Memoirs of a Fashion Blogger" segment, be sure to email me at missdre910(at)(gmail)(dot)(com). I can't wait to hear from you!  =)*
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