Tuesday's Tunes: Volume 10

Happy Tuesday, guys and dolls!  How are you all doing today?  I hope your week is off to a positive start and you're all in good spirits!  As it usually goes, I would like to thank you guys for stopping by here today and checking out the tunes I've been grooving to so far.  I appreciate each and every one of you and hope that you hear at least one song you like or can reminisce to or vibe with while listening along today.

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I'm Still In Love by Sean Paul x Sasha- This song takes me way back to my freshman year of college! I remember everyone posted up in their dorm rooms studying this video. It seems that all the girls were trying to wind up their waistlines like the chicks in the video, while the dudes were admiring the winding lol. If this song wasn't making you dance when you heard it, it was making you think about that special somebody you were still in love with.  And yes, it's still in heavy rotation on my devices like it's brand new.

Fire We Make by Alicia Keys x Maxwell- The first time I heard this song, I swear I got chills.  Something about Alicia Keys and her smooth sweet vocals paired with lyrics that perfectly vocalize what the heart is trying to express makes me like her music.  And pairing those vocals with the likes of Maxwell-- that's fire for serious tho!  It's no secret around here that I love that man Maxwell, so he could sing just about anything to me and I would just melt.  The chemistry these two have in this song as well as in the visual is electrifying, indeed.  

Growing Pains (Do It Again)- Ludacris x Disturbing Tha Peace- Listening to this song takes me way back to family reunions, high-top sneakers with slouch socks, and soda pops in glass bottles. Talk about reminiscing!  I just love the lyrics in this song provided by each respective member of Disturbing Tha Peace.  Lil Fate talks about rocking the infamous BKs and Cross Colours (do you guys remember those?) while Shawnna rhymed about playing double dutch and those beloved jelly shoes.  Even Ludacris and veteran Scarface lend lyrics that send us slipping back down memory lane as they rap about Cadillac dreams, climbing over barbed wire fences, jheri curls, and Jordans. Seeing this visual also makes me smile as I think of how fun family get-togethers and barbecues used to be in the summertime.  I also giggle when I see the former Disturbing Tha Peace member 2 Chainz in the mix, who then was a rapper by another name.  Can you spot him in the video? I'll even give you a prize if you can tell me what he used to go by!

Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke x T.I. and Pharrell- Something about this song just makes me want to get up and dance! As soon as I hear the beat, my shoulders start bouncing. I can see this song being a very popular one for the summer.  So much so, that the first time I heard the song to its entirety, I was riding in the car with my MIL while she turned the volume up proclaiming it was "her song." Seems like Robin Thicke, T.I. and Pharrell got everybody in a groove!  How are you guys liking "Blurred Lines?"

A Love Bizarre by Sheila E.- I will admit, I owe my devotion for Sheila E. to Prince, as it seems I love everything he touches (well except Graffiti Bridge lol). I was indeed a young'n the first time I heard A Love Bizarre and have been vibing to it every since.  Nevermind the fact that I was probably still crawling and in diapers when this single hit the airwaves.  And nevermind the fact that I didn't understand what the lyrics of the song meant until I was grown lol. Just as Sheila E. admits in her lyrics, "we all want the stuff that lives in our wildest dreams," don't we? And is it just me or doesn't she kind of remind you of Miss Keri Baby in this video?



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