Monday Dose of Diva: Don't Take it Personal

"Just one of them days... when I wanna be all alone. It's just one of them days... when I gotta be all alone"

How many of ya'll hear this song and immediately twist your neck and belt out the lyrics boisterously?  Well I do.  I know many women that can relate to this song.  In 1995, the diva-in-training Monica shared with R&B music fans all over world what it was like for a woman to have a bad day in her hit single "Don't Take it Personal".  Even at the tender age of 14, the maturity in her voice left listeners with an understanding of how to deal with a lady's mood swings.

This morning I felt compelled to share this song with all of my divas (and men who must deal with "diva-tudes"--be it your mother, spouse, sig. other or the like) because-- well I'm having one of those days myself.  Yes, already.  I'm cranky, in need of coffee, and upset that nothing is fitting right.  I know that I can be a train wreck in the morning and a bad word in the afternoon (thanks, Bey), so I have to take responsibility by warning folks.  Sometimes I have to tell hubs not to take my actions personally and with a tad bit of space and lots of understanding, I will bounce back in no time.  In fact, for the rest of the day, I will be spending time enjoying my space.  In the meantime, check out Monica's video for our just one of them days anthem, "Don't Take It Personal".

Ladies, do you ever feel like this?  Men, how do you deal with this?
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