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monthly subscription service
There is nothing like a woman with a signature scent. Her fragrance waltzes into the room with her pleasantly, and lingers around to introduce itself to others. And as a woman who loves the presence the perfect signature scent delivers, I am always looking for the next best scent.

I peruse the aisles of my favorite department stores at least monthly and am always wooed by a particularly inviting floral scent or mysteriously flirty vanilla spice scent. And as much as I wish I could take them all home, the reality is that I can't. In all honesty, I don't always want to pay an arm and a leg to try a new fragrance. So when I was given the opportunity to try the Scentbird Subscription Service, I was thrilled! I love the idea of being able to "date" different scents before committing to an expensive single purchase of perfume.

monthly subscription service

In case you aren't familiar, Scentbird is a luxury subscription service that sends you a monthly supply of a designer fragrance for only $14.95 a month. It's the perfect subscription for people like me who like to switch up their scent without paying a fortune.

Registration for Scentbird is super easy. Once you sign up (using your email address or FB/Google + account), you will be prompted to take a quiz that assists you in finding fragrances that are a perfect match for you. You are also given the option to enter 3 perfumes you like---and after reviewing the recommended results, you can add them to your queue. Perfumes are categorized by scent--such as floral, fruity, citrusy, mood--such as sexy and mysterious, as well as occasion--such as everyday, office, or date night. And if you would like to have the service choose a perfume for you, there is an option to have the "perfume of the month" sent to you.yves saint laurent black opium
After taking the quiz and reading the details about Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, I knew I wanted it to be my first pick. It is described as having a "glam-rock aesthetic" laced with white florals and vanilla---which seemed to be ideal for my tastes. And ladies, I couldn't be more pleased with my choice. The scent is so alluring, everyone stops and asks me what fragrance I'm wearing when I'm out and about.
how to use
Not only is the fragrance a dream, the packaging is superb. Included in your monthly package is an instruction card, a vial, a sleek dispenser and a velvet pouch. The packaging is so convenient because everything fits nicely in the pouch and discreetly in your purse. purse spray
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