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Though Valentine's Day has come and gone, we are still spreading the love here on the blog. But instead of sharing delectable sweets and blooming floral arrangements, I am sharing love for the organic + handmade brand Lovely Lavender...Plus created by Marie Braxton. Lovely Lavender...Plus supports an all-natural, organic lifestyle by providing organic, handmade soaps, body butters, bath teas, and bath salts that cater to your body care needs. As someone who is looking to give my family the best body care products without the harsh toxins, I was intrigued the mission of Lovely Lavender...Plus.

I recently received a package full of goodies from Ms. Marie just in time to bask in lots of love and pampering before Valentine's Day. As I was so pleased with each of the items she sent me, I had to share the love with you guys and suggest that you get familiar with the brand and start "loving the skin you're in" in a new way if you aren't already. Check out the items I received below.

MY POSITIVE ENERGY BAR | At first glance, I knew this body bar would become a favorite in my household. For starters, just look at the fun blend of colors! Not only is the bar a beautiful blast of color for your eyes, the scent is so enchanting. Imagine ripping open a pack of tropical Skittles candies and their citrusy sweet scent is elevated times three! This hand-crafted bar is a blended with grapefruit, lemon, and lime with hints of fresh cucumber and jasmine. The label adds that there are also touches of  pineapple, blackberry, and champagne in the blend as well. Once ran under warm water, this soap creates a rich lather. It thoroughly cleanses the skin without stripping it of moisture and leaves behind that enchanting fragrance well after the wash is over. If you aren't quite ready for Spring yet, this bar will definitely gear your senses up for it!

MY POSITIVE ENERGY PURE BODY BUTTER | If you dream of carrying the scent of the "my positive energy bar" with you throughout the day, you should definitely add the pure body butter to your arsenal. Not only does the aroma mentioned before allure you in the form of a rich cream, this product moisturizes your skin like no other. It keeps my skin feeling soft and supple without leaving a greasy residue. And the cool part? Every time I wear it, someone passing by asks me what lovely fragrance I'm wearing.

LIQUID AFRICAN BLACK SOAP | As no stranger to African Black Soap, I love how well it clears the skin of blemishes without stripping it of moisture. However, this was my first time trying African Black Soap in liquid form. I was pleased by the fact that very little product needs to be used in order to be effective. Just a few drops clean your face like a dream! Another thing I love about this product is that it can be used to cleanse your face, body, and hair. Who doesn't like buying multi-purposed products? This soap works well with my hormonal skin, my husband's dry skin, my daughter's oily skin, and my sons' who both suffer from eczema.

CHAMOMILE WITH LAVENDER FACE BAR | This face bar is the perfect addition to your weekly self-care ritual. If your skin is sensitive or irritated, this bar does an excellent job of soothing and cleansing it at the same time. Formulated with chamomile and lavender, it does a great job of pampering the skin while healing it at the same time. And the light hint of patchouli is so invigorating, you will want to hide this bar from your family and save it for yourself to use for special occasions (though it is gentle enough for everyday use. If you look closely at the bar, you can see the small bits of dried chamomile flowers blended in.

Using products from Lovely Lavender...Plus reminded me that I don't have to sacrifice high-quality products for affordable prices. These products cater to my entire family's skincare needs and do not contain harsh toxins that will wind up doing more harm than good to our skin over time. While we all love to purchase the most pleasant perfumes and fragrances to make our skin smell heavenly, it is important to "love the skin we're in" by adding more all-natural, organic products to your personal care arsenal.

To learn more about Lovely Lavender Plus, please stop by their website and follow them on Instagram to get familiar!

How do you make sure you're taking the best care of your skin? 
Have you tried all natural, organic products?

These products were sent to me to review by Lovely Lavender Plus. However, the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. To read more about my disclosure policy, click here.
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