LIPSTICK LOVE | ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip In Baracuda

Just when I thought I had finally gotten control of my ColourPop liquid lipstick obsession collection, this beautiful rose colored lippie came along and changed my mind. I was minding my business. You know, I might have been browsing around checking a few lipsticks out, but had no intentions on getting serious about purchasing a new one. I remind myself each week that I have plenty of lipsticks in the stash that aren't getting any play. Then I vow not to buy any more until I hit pan on at least three or four. But then this one lipstick comes along, catches my eye, and I just can't stop thinking about her. That may or may not have happened when I met ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip in Baracuda.

I added Baracuda to my cart one week, abandoned it with about 4 other lippies that shall forever remain nameless, and kept returning to it on my phone later that night. And I promised myself I wouldn't buy it because I believed I already had a lipstick similar to it. Then I went over to my friend Google and started searching for swatches on various women in an attempt to convince myself that I did not already have said lipstick in this particular formula. Eventually reason kicked in and I decided against purchasing it, thinking that was the last I would see of Baracuda. That was about 3 months ago.

But you see, Baracuda has a way of showing up and showing out when she wants to. Do you know this lippie showed up in my Ipsy Bag out of the blue last month? Almost made me feel like we were meant to be together, y'all! Now the test would be if Baracuda could actually deliver like I hoped she would.

According to the ColourPop website, Baracuda is described as a warm, deepened rose. As a satin liquid lipstick, Baracuda is supposed to deliver "high pigmentation and a satin-matte finish that keeps lips soft and comfy all day long." But you know the only way to know for sure is to apply it in the morning and see how it rocks with you throughout the day, right? And since the color on the website doesn't always translate the same way in person, I did you guys a solid and posted a nice thick swatch below for you.

See how differently it looks on my wrist, compared to the tube? 

Either way, I fell all the way in lust with Baracuda. It's a pretty shade that makes others take notice without being too bold. After a couple of even swipes, the color applies smoothly and stays put forever. Forever, ever? Yes, forever, ever. You might need a baby wipe and some elbow grease to wipe it off. But that's what I like in my liquid lipsticks. It isn't as drying as a true matte, but lasts like nobody's business. Just remember to exfoliate your lips and prep your lips with a balm before applying and you're good to go!

Now remember when I told you I googled Baracuda a few months ago to see how she looked on women of various skin tones? Well, I have seen women rock this lippie and it reads like a true rose. And I have seen others wear it and it translates to more of a wine hue. However, one thing I can say for sure is Baracuda looks beautiful on every person I've seen wearing it. I feel it's a universally flattering shade, especially on those with darker skin tones.

So if you're looking to give Baracuda a shot, she most certainly has my vote. You can pair this lipstick with a cat eye and a flush of plum blush for a demure, smoldering look (like I attempted below). Or you could pair her with a smoky eye for a dramatic effect. And most importantly, she can easily be rocked with a nice, neutral eye for a natural, everyday look. See how easy to get along with Baracuda is? That's why she's become a fast favorite of mine this season!

Are you feeling Baracuda as much as I am?

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