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As a beauty blogger who had recently fallen into a beauty rut, I have realized how much a beauty update can turn things around! Something as simple as purchasing a new lipstick or changing the color of your hair can really boost your confidence. Not to mention, it can give you a reason to share your creativity with those around you.

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Today, I want to share three easy ways to update your look in a way that allows you to express your most bold, creative self. If you're like me, you've found yourself stuck in a beauty rut more times than a few. Why not try some new ways to share your creativity and look cute while doing it?

1. TRY A NEW LIPSTICK. | There’s nothing like trying on a new shade of lipstick to update your overall look. The right shade of lipstick has the power to give you a more pulled together look. It also has the power to uplift your mood, making you smile more, and thus creating stronger interactions with those around you. It’s no doubt an instant mood booster for me, giving me a touch of confidence as I go out to face the day.

There are tons of formulas and shades out there to suit your fancy, whatever it may be. There are creamy nudes for those that prefer a natural look. And there are shocking matte shades of plum, pink, red, and coral for those who like to be more daring. Even if you aren’t a person who wears a lot of makeup, grabbing a new tube of lipstick is a great way to try something new without much commitment. And with highly-pigmented lipsticks as affordable as $1, this is an update that won’t break the bank, either.

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2. ENHANCE YOUR EYES. | Another easy way to update your look is to make a subtle change to one of your most noticeable features--the eyes. This is one of the first things people notice about you and one of the quickest ways to enhance your look. There are many ways to play up this feature: You can make them appear brighter by adding a nude/white color to the bottom lash-line.You can make them more defined by enhancing them with a precise, liquid liner. Or you can find a volumizing or lengthening mascara to give your lashes a boost.

One of my favorite ways to play up my eyes is to add a subtle pop of color to my eyelids, then add dimension by adding a dark matte color to the crease of my eyelid. Add eyeliner and mascara and I’ve easily defined my eyes in just a few minutes!

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3. CHANGE YOUR HAIR | If you follow me on Instagram, you already know my favorite way to change my look is by changing my hair. I can go from a cropped cut, to a bob, and then into long, wavy locks all in a month’s time. Lately, however, I’ve been wanting to explore new ways to change my hair. As a creative, I feel that I express my creativity in the way I dress, the way I do my makeup and how I style my hair. These choices might not always be the most conventional, but they always help me express how bold I am when it comes to style. What better way to express this than change the color of my hair? I’ve gone blonde. I wear red just as often as I wear my natural dark brown color. But purple? That’s new for me! So I decided to try got2b® Metallics collection to try Amethyst Chrome. got2b® is the brand that enables you to be you by empowering consumers to express their originality. It gives you the tools to create your own unique looks.

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I use my blonde clip-ins so I wouldn’t have to use any bleach to lift the color. I could have used brown because got2b® Metallics does work for dark hair, but again, I wanted the color to be as vivid as possible. Then after coloring the extensions, I co-washed and conditioned them per the packaging instructions.

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After blow-drying them, I was ready to style them, blending them with my hair for a high-light effect. This way, I would still be showing a bold and creative update to my hair without going too far away from my comfort zone.

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Changing up my lipstick and switching up my eye makeup always makes me feel my most confident and creative self. Adding a new hair color to the mix, however, is the icing on the cake! NEW got2b® Metallic hair color is the brand with which your true personality can be expressed - with countless color options and an overwhelming color power. I'm loving the way Amethyst Chrome gave my hair a boost of color power and can't wait to explore different styles with this new color!

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Looking to try the new got2b® Metallics Hair Color line for yourself? If so, stop by your local Walmart and head to the Health and Beauty section. Say goodbye to boring colors with got2b® Metallics and yes to head-turning radiance and colors that last! To learn more about these bold, adventurous colors, visit got2b® on Facebook and Instagram.

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