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I thoroughly enjoyed Alexa Martin’s debut book, Intercepted. It’s a spicy, sports romance complete with complicated relationships, love triangles, unrequited love, and (dare I say) MEAN GIRLS. These are all the makings of a fun read.

Intercepted lured me in from the very beginning. I felt like I was in an early episode of The Game, smack- dab in the middle of a Sunbeam meeting. I don't know too much about football, so many of my thoughts on the “sport star’s lifestyle” has been jaded by that show and a few other reality-shows I won’t mention. I apologize in advance. But anyways, the main character Marlee was smart, quick-witted, and just a wee bit of a hot mess. And I was all the way here for her.

Marlee was the girlfriend of NFL star Chris Alexander that just wanted to be respected by her boyfriend and the catty wives of football players she found herself socializing with each week. But after a bad breakup with Chris, Marlee leaves familiar football territory only to wind right back up there with longtime crush Gavin. And while at first, I wasn’t sure about the drama destined to unfold among the women, Marlee won me over. She was saying ALL THE THINGS I was thinking at times. So, I knew I wanted to hear more of what she had to say. And did I mention she uses hashtags at the most inopportune times? They were hilarious. #TheLandWhereHighSchoolNeverEnds

If you can imagine talking to your snarky homegirl over a bottle of wine, then you can totally feel the tone of Intercepted. These girls are so catty, animated, and fun. Especially Naomi, Marlee's friend. I enjoyed having her and Brynn along for the ride of Marlee's hot mess express. I wonder if there are ladies clutching their pearls reading this book because Alexa Martin drew from their characters so perfectly. This girl makes fun, realistic characters straight from a rom-com movie, I swear!

Each chapter gave me a little something to look forward to, making me want to keep reading well past my bedtime. The pacing is great and each chapter’s ending made me want to continue on to the next chapter. I found Marlee easy to relate to, sympathizing with her, shaking my head at her, yet rooting for her all the while. And I enjoyed watching her growth throughout this book. As someone who has experienced similar situations in relationships, it was nice to see Marlee learn from (most of) her mistakes and keep pressing forward.

There were a few things that gave me pause throughout the reading, though. I wish I could have seen Gavin's character developed a bit more. I know he's about family and I knew he loved football. I also had to believe he was just so attractive, according to Marlee's standards. But dassit. I wanted him to be more than the stereotypical knight in shining armor and have interests outside of football. I just wanted more from him and many times he fell flat for me.

Intercepted is great for late summer or weekend reading and perfect for fans of sports romance. This is a read you can throw in your travel tote and enjoy on vacation. Or you can do like me and devour it during a quiet weekend with your favorite snacks and bottle of wine (or whatever libations you prefer) on deck. #NotTonightImReading

Get caught up with Marlee and Gavin in your reserved "me time" with a nice, chilled bottle of wine and be prepared to laugh and nod your head all the way through this read. To purchase your own copy of Intercepted by Alexa Martin, check out Amazon and other places books are sold.

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