Monday Dose of Diva: Giving Him Something He Can Feel

giving him something he can feel

This morning I found myself reminiscing about my childhood.  Consistently, starting around the age of six and throughout my formative years, I always dreamed of becoming a diva.  Not a princess from any of Disney's fairy tales like other girls my age, but a real-life DIVA.  Because my own daughter will be turning six soon and is a certified diva-in-training, I've been reminiscing quite a lot lately on what I was like at her age.  I've often wondered why she is as poised and classy as she is at such a young age, when most children are concerned with going to the playground and playing tag.  Now that I am thinking of how I emulated the way my aunts pouted their lips to apply lipstick in the mirror and crossed my legs at the dinner table just like them, I realize my daughter is only emulating me.  Hearing Giving Him Something He Can Feel by En Vogue (which is one of my FAVORITE SONGS) this morning rushed back all the memories of my early inner diva.

remembered how I used to imagine myself draped in a brilliant, shimmery red "Jessica Rabbit" dress and satin white gloves as I belted out suggestive lyrics heartily from my bedroom mirror at the age of 8. Was there an eager Johnny Gill staring back at me? I can't recall. But my mom's loud command that I "stop being grown" dismissed all my delusions of grandeur each time. Nonetheless, I still pretended to be Terry (or Cindy) from En Vogue when mom wasn't looking and even wrote songs of my own!  In light of my early diva experiences, I would like to share this video with you all.  Happy viewing!

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