Becoming | A Playlist

There is something about the arrival of springtime that makes me feel so hopeful. At peace. Anticipating new and joyous experiences on the horizon. But not in an anxious way. In more of a calming way. A way that feels pleasant to ease into. 

So far, this season has given me a sense of renewal. I have officially shed the practices of withdrawal and isolation I so heavily rely on in the winter. I am reminded that, while winter may call for hibernation and stillness, spring requires coming into the light. 

During this time, I find myself preparing for newness. I'm cleaning out my closets (both literally and figuratively). I'm re-evaluating current creative projects to determine what works and what doesn't. I'm spring cleaning the entire house and ridding the spaces of things that no longer serve my family.  I welcome my evolution and resurgence with new tea blends, vibrant colors in my wardrobe & cosmetics, and music that waters me. 

While funk and hip-hop will always blast in my speakers, springtime vibes lean on the smooth, calming, and relaxing spectrum of things. When getting my mind, body, and spirit in tune with the changes taking place around me and within me, I need my music to reflect that same sentiment. 

QUEUE THE "becoming" PLAYLIST:  This is for those moments before we start our day and feel most alive. We welcome the warmth and brightness of the sun. We thank God for life, breath, grace and opportunity. And we anticipate the beauty that will unfold as the day emerges. Each song on this list serves as a reminder of that beauty. Click the image above to open the playlist up in a new window.

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