In A Beautiful World: Random Thoughts

Do you ever wonder what life would be like in a beautiful world?  Well I do all the time!  I wonder what life would be like if everything I've experienced were as sweet as honey, soft as cotton candy, smooth as a Miles Davis tune, serene as a view of the ocean on a midsummer's night, and as spicy as scents of cinnamon and vanilla infused into all of my memories of early childhood.  Wouldn't that be something?

Some may argue that It may not be natural or even healthy to live so high up in the clouds.  That much may be so.  But sometimes the darkness of life causes me to search for an escape, a sweet release of sorts, to cast myself ashore.  While this may not work for some, it always makes a dim situation bright for me.  Besides, don't we all wish we could have sunny, beautiful days every day?  Don't we all wish we could rid the world of sorrow, famine, disaster, evil, fear, and turmoil?  

Well imagining my beautiful world and dreaming within it helps me to believe that one day all of those things can be possible.

In a beautiful world, what could be possible for you?  For us?  For our world?
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