Monday Dose of Diva: Step by Step

I was gonna wait until next week to give you guys a dose of diva, but then I heard a song by one of my favorite divas as a child just now.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is Miss Whitney Houston.  She had one of the most amazing voices I had ever heard.  To be quite honest, one of the main reasons I watch The Bodyguard is for the wonderful soundtrack.

Anyways, I was rummaging around for my Preacher's Wife soundtrack, as it is one of my favorite albums. I found it and immediately went to the track titled "Step by Step".  After I heard it, I felt so inspired and so eager to press forward, no matter what was going on in my life or mind.  That's why I wanted to share it with you guys in hopes that it would inspire one of you, too!


Where is Whitney these days?  Wherever she is and whatever she's doing, I hope she's okay.  I miss her and those soulful grooves she used to bless us with.
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