What Ever Happened To.. Nicole Wray?

I remember like yesterday the first time I heard "Make it Hot" by Nicole Wray.  I was in my bedroom supposed to be doing homework.  Nonetheless, I was playing with the radio on my desk, alternating between 97.3 and 99.1 radio stations.  When Mocha's rap boomed through the speaker box, I dashed for a blank tape with the quickness.  I had to get that on tape!  But if you know anything about recording songs from the radio back in the day, you don't want a partial song, so I waited all evening for one of those stations to play that song again. Needless to say, I got it during the countdown later that night.  It didn't take many replays before I fell in love with Nicole's soft, beautiful voice.  I did like any other young stan would do and stood in the mirror everyday matching my vocals to hers and begging for bangs like her as well.  

I was eventually lucky enough to get Nicole's debut album on tape.  I played it over and over, listening to songs like "Seventeen", "Eyes Better Not Wander", and "Silly Love Songs" over and over.  She even made a video for one of my faves from that list.  Then after that, it seems that Nicole just faded from music.  

She came back on the scene to tease a couple of times with her single "If I Was Your Girlfriend" and also appearing on a few Dame Dash productions.  But other than that, I haven't seen anything from her in a while. Could someone please tell me where dear Nicole Wray is?  Maybe these tunes will bring Nicole back to your memory:

Did you guys hear her on the "Blakroc" compilation between Rocafella and the Black Keys?

I played this song a lot when I first heard it.  
The Black Keys are awesome on the tunes, by the way.
Now someone please go find Nicole for me, please!
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