Monday Dose of Diva: The Best of Patti

A diva is someone who is a perfectionist, who does her best in her craft. ~Patti LaBelle

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a treat for you today.  I haven't done a Dose of Diva in quite a while so I decided to start the new year off right with one of my most favorite divas of all time.  Fellow Gemini, Ms.  Patti LaBelle (the beautiful one in French)  is the quintessential diva in my eyes. The way she used to roll her eyes, neck, and say "Miss Thang" was so sassy to me!  I loved watching her as I grew up, on television specials and making new music, because she has such  a larger-than-life persona.  Though I may be a bit younger than the average Patti fan, I am still a die-hard fan, nonetheless.  Her voice is so soulful, strong, wide-ranging, and angelic. Her performances were always so full of energy!  In fact, have you ever seen Fantasia Barrino kick her heels off during a performance?  That's Patti's move!  Known for her showboating and showstopping, Miss Patti LaBelle is nothing short of a grand diva, indeed.  Check out my favorite hits from Patti.

What's your favorite Patti LaBelle song?

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