Pink Wednesday: Sinful Colors in Soul Mate

Imagine finding a soul mate in the drugstore beauty aisle!  That happened to me recently! Well, sort of.  Let me tell you ladies all about it:

I've been looking for a pink polish to wear during the fall season.  While fall may bring the opportunity for us to wear new, bold colors in our manicures, I still love having a shade of pink to fall back on.  I just love pink nail polish like that!  Anyways, while perusing the aisles at my local CVS, I glance over at the Sinful Colors display.  As you may know from earlier Pink Wednesday posts, I love Sinful Colors nail polish.  They have such a variety of colors, the applications are long-lasting, and the prices are very affordable.  That's when I found the polish of my most recent beauty dreams.  Soul Mate, from the Pretty-in-Pink Collection, instantly caught my eye.  Looking at the bottle, Soul Mate appeared to be a shade that could easily pass as every day nail wear.    So I rushed to the counter with that baby, checked out, and brought it on home with me!

As I applied this polish, I notice Soul Mate to be a muted pink shade.  It even appears to be a bit mauve in low light.  I gave my nails two quick coats of polish and was impressed with the results.  The color isn't loud, so it doesn't pose as an image-related distraction for my professional divas.  But it still gives off that soft, feminine vibe I like in a pink manicure.  Check it out with and without the flash below:

What do you ladies think of this shade?  Would you wear it?

What color is your manicure this week?
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