MANICure Monday: Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby

Hey everybody! I hope everyone is doing well on this first Monday in November and I hope everyone's week is off to a beautiful start! I'm happy to be able to start my week off with a fresh manicure. Jj slept long enough this morning for me to grab a fresh coat of something for my fingers and toes. For now, we'll just stick with the sharing of the manicure.  I didn't do any designs or anything spectacular. However, knowing me-- I did add a little something spark-tacular to my red mani.

I pulled out Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby, a beautiful shade of red that I received from the lovely blogger Ebony of Longing4Length a while back. Thank you so much, lady!  Isn't this shade just perfect for the season?

I don't know about you guys, but I like wearing red.  Many of the items in my wardrobe are red, I love rocking red lipstick, and I adore a red manicure.  In fact, when I used to get my nails done back in the day, my signature manicure was a red one with a freehand design on the accent ring finger.  However, red manicures (as well as red lipsticks) don't translate well with some people.  It's strange that simply wearing red nail polish or red lipstick will make people think badly of you or judge your character negatively.  As for me, it takes more than a shade of lipstick or color choice of nail polish for me to determine what type of person someone is.  But anyways...

Remember how I stated at the top of the post that I added something spark-tacular to the mix?  Well, I did my usual accent nail with the glitter-filled Sephora for OPI nail polish Spark-tacular. Check it out!

Are you a fan of the glitter?  
What are your nails looking like this week?

And just a quick note to piggy-back off of a few things I mentioned above-- we must be careful of how we judge others.  For instance, just because I like to wear makeup and enjoy doing my nails doesn't mean that's all I'm capable of doing.  A woman can be God-fearing and love the Lord, educated, cultured, can take care of her children, cook, clean, know how to please her husband, and know how to have a good time alone or in company ALL AT THE SAME TIME-- and still like to keep herself looking nice. Always remember, there's more to a person than what we see on the outside. Thank you guys for continuing to check me out and rock with me up here in the blogosphere! It really means a lot :-)

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