Thought Bubbles Thursday With Tia: Vol. I

I still can't believe that I am a MOTHER OF THREE. That's so crazy to me. It's finally starting to set in though.

Is it bad that I'm having a hard time recalling birth dates and things when the doctors ask me?  Now I know how my mother felt with all those May babies back then.

Why does everyone keep giving me unsolicited baby advice? Being that this is the third time around, I think I might be certified in knowing my babies by now. Just maybe.

I'm working hard on not letting every emotion I feel show on my face-- especially in public. I don't think it's working out too well for me though.  Maybe I should practice smiling in the mirror (insert silly Keke Wyatt type face here lol).

I'm so disappointed that my date night with hubby this weekend has been cancelled. Like really.  I was so looking forward to watching Chris Hemsworth swing that hammer around in a dark theater and everything. Oh and of course, spending time with my beloved :-)

Sometimes I think I need more friends who are SAHMs.  No one understands me.

It feels like my laundry is the pile that never ends this week.

I probably should be washing dishes instead of typing these thoughts right now.

Man, eff those dishes right now.

What was I thinking drawing my brows on for the last 14 years? I'm smh for real looking at my old high school pictures.  Thank God for YouTube.

When I reach my hair goals, I'm so getting an auburn rinse!

Why am I getting sucked into LHHNY? I know it has to be scripted!  There's no way Peter Gunz is really crazy enough to be married to the side chick and living with the main girl.

The fact that I used to rock to "Uptown Baby" is really telling my age. I bet the kids watching LHHNY don't even know that song. Ha!

Speaking of getting older, I've finally made a 30 by 30 list. It features 30 cool things I want to do before June 2015. I'm gonna share it here on the blog soon.

It's almost Scandal time! Thank God Jj is sleep.  This is the highlight of my day, ladies and gentlemen. Can you believe Khandi Alexander's gonna be playing Liv's mom?

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