10 Things: Creature Comforts for PMS

Being pregnant for most of the year gave me a serious case of memory lapse! It made me forget all about I had an Aunt Dot who was due to visit me soon after Jj arrived. Nonetheless, the new baby came home and after a month or so, my estranged aunt decided to pay a visit. I was so unprepared! I had forgotten all about how she likes to come down and over-stay her welcome, throw her weight around (that bloating is no joke) and shake up my home with her emotion-driven shenanigans! Tell me your aunt comes through and is just as crazy as mine, please!

On a serious note, I had truly forgotten how PMS makes me feel. Sure I had grown used to having my emotions all over the place and craving various foods due to pregnancy, but I had forgotten that my cycle sends me through so many changes. I have the worst headaches. I bloat like crazy. I get a breakout or two. Or five. I crave sweet and salty everything. And last but not the lesser of the evils, every single thing makes me cry. So in hopes to better prepare myself for the upcoming months of premenstrual trauma + drama, I came up with a list of "creature comforts" that help me to better deal when it's that time of the month.

1. Aromatherapy. One thing I love doing to help myself de-stress during that time is surrounding myself with invigorating scents. Essential oils such as rosemary and lavender are both said to help with relaxation and enhancing one's mood. My personal favorite is peppermint oil. It awakens me, making me more alert, and helps open my nasal passages. And if you are one who gets the occasional headache when you're PMSing, peppermint oil is also known to rid one of headaches!

2. A nice soothing face mask (or other facial treatment). Being spoiled with such a glowing complexion during my pregnancy really made me forget how annoying those hormonal breakouts can be. To help deal with unruly skin, I love applying a facial mask while relaxing or reading a good book. Freeman Beauty has a great variety of face masks, such as the Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask (one of my personal favorites). And they're super affordable (at most $3.99 for a 6 oz bottle)!
3. Great eats. My favorite PMS meal is actually breakfast food. I love pancakes with the bacon on the side (in my The Dream voice lol) along with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate (especially in the winter). Most combinations consisting of sweet and salty seem to tame my cravings.

4. Mani + Pedi Goodies. As you guys can tell from many of my postings, I can always go for a DIY mani. I have tons of polishes, nail art, and products to aid in creating the perfect manicure. Most days, doing a manicure definitely pulls me out of the dumps and helps me feel better. But a manicure, ladies and gentlemen, has nothing on a good ole pedicure! Though I go to the salon every now and again for one, I enjoy doing them at home. I really feel like I'm indulging with the pampering when I pull out my Conair Waterfalls Foot Spa and soak my feet! After, soaking, exfoliating, and doing my paraffin wax, I always treat my nails and do a little nail art on them also.

5. Heat. During that time of the month, I tend to have horrible cramping and back pain. To ease the pain and discomfort, I use heating pads and they really help! If I'm not using a plug-in heating pad, I use my Hot Heart Massager heat pack from Pure Romance. It works wonders, I tell ya!

6. Fluffy robe and slippers (or pajamas). All is well with the world when one can just lay back and relax in a fluffy robe and slippers. The warm, comforting texture of a fluffy robe is just what I need to lounge around when I'm deep in my feelings. There's also something very rejuvenating about being enveloped in a plush, luxury robe--- reminds me of being at the spa, I suppose. And if fluffy robes aren't your thing, feel free to trade them in for cute pajamas! Be sure to grab up a pair of these Muk Luks Esscentials Aromatherapy Scented Thong slippers to add even more luxury for less to your comfort!

7. Sarah Vaughan and Solange (or your favorite tunes). There's nothing like music to get me in a mood. Music sets the tone for everything in life :-) So while I'm feeling such a wide range of emotions while dealing with my cycle, smooth tunes from the likes of Sarah Vaughan and Solange always tend to mellow me out. Truth be told, Make Yourself Comfortable has been known to calm both me and the little one to a smooth slumber in these last few weeks!

8. A Great Flick or Two. Or a Series. Though I'm already deep enough in my feelings during my cycle, I still want to watch chick flicks and tear-jerkers. Why? I don't know. I'm thinking maybe it's because I'm already crying and watching emotionally charged films give me an excuse to do so even more. And since I won't feel like doing much in my spare time other than laying on the couch, I might as well give some DVDs a few spins. I could watch movies like Safe Haven, The Lucky One, Brown Sugar, and Claudine over and over! And of course it wouldn't be me if I didn't add a few reruns of Girlfriends to the mix.

9. Tea + Pretty Mugs. Many of us already know the relaxing, calming, and de-stressing benefits of tea. In fact, Peppermint, Chamomile, and Honey Lavender Tea are excellent for each of these benefits. But did you know that Traditional Medicinals makes an herbal tea called Female Toner that actually balances female cycles and tones the uterus? It's very similar to the Raspberry Leaf Tea that I enjoyed during my last trimester of pregnancy, as it is composed of raspberry leaf as well as strawberry leaf with nettle. A cup of this tea would be love during your that time and what better way to compliment it than with a pretty mug or tea cup like this one?

10. Midol. If everything else on this list fails you at some point, feel free to break the glass and grab a couple of Midol. Though it's usually my last resort, it works like a charm. It will relieve that headache and bloated feeling in no time! Promise :-)

What are your favorite creature comforts for, 
you know, when it's that time?
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