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I'm so hyped about #AskAwayFriday today, y'all. Today I get to swap questions with my blogger friend Alison over at Embrace the Struggle. She is a superb writer, who is one of the most loving, kindhearted, and warm-spirited women I have ever met out here in these blogging streets! Since we've met through my other lovely blogger friend Michelle (at Radiant Brown Beauty), she has shown me nothing short of love and support-- and I appreciate her for that!

I want to take a minute to tell Ali Happy Birthday. I'm so excited and honored to be partnering with her on her special day. May you get everything you want and everything goes your way, today!  Here's a little Stevie for you, by the way :-)  Now here are her questions, along with my responses.

What was the highlight of this Christmas for you? The highlight of this Christmas was having a baby in the home. It was Jj's first Christmas, so that was pretty exciting. He's been in awe over all the bright colors and stuff. I will imagine by next year, he will be tearing the tree down!

The new year begins in a few days. What are your top three personal priorities, rather than resolutions? Number one would be strengthening my relationship with Christ, number two would be strengthening my relationship with my husband, and number three would be continuing to build my children up and being the best mommy I can be! 
Tell me two of your "happies and crappies" of 2013? Two happies-- moving and giving birth to Jj! Two crappies--losing my grandmother last month and severing ties with a close friend.

Jj at 2 months

What direction do you see "So She Writes" taking in 2014? Same as before?  A U-turn?  Or branching out into new territory? When I first started blogging, I was more personal, I think. I shared more stories and anecdotes-- things I was going through. I believe in 2014 I want to go back to that. I want to share more about myself and my life. I love makeup and all things beauty so I will still be blogging about those things, but I'm a mom and a wife first-- so that's gonna be seen more here.

How has your experience in the first few months with the new baby differed from those of your first two kids? I'm older and more experienced, so I believe I have this thing in the bag the third time around lol. With Gabs, I was completely lost about everything. What my mom didn't advise me on, I learned from other mothers. With Core, I had a newborn and a toddler. Things were chaotic! I was getting one baby out of diapers, just to put another one in them! Now I'm more relaxed and confident about what I need to do to nurture and care for my baby.

Tell us about your favorite Christmas ever.  Would you want to relive it?  Why?  Why not? I talk about my favorite Christmas ever in my Christmas Tag here. Four years ago, my family and I were able to spend time with my late father on Christmas. I had no idea it would be the last time I would see him. There are so many things I would have said and done differently, had I known. I would relive that moment over and over if I could.

He was telling someone he was happy to be home with the family!

What's your ideal down-time activity, or "me" activity? It's a tie between reading and writing. I'm always either reading something or writing something-- most of the time both simultaneously. I think everyone should always be in the middle of reading an awesome book if they can :-)

What was the favorite Christmas gift you received this Christmas? MAKEUP, hands down! Lol. I'll share my goodies with you guys in a later post :-)

What family Christmas tradition from your childhood have you incorporated into your kids' Christmas celebrations? Opening one gift at midnight definitely stemmed from childhood. Funny thing is, my children were so tired this year, they didn't open any gifts at midnight! But they were up bright and early at 7 AM to get at that gift wrap! Lol.

What's the most difficult thing you've conquered as a blogger? The most difficult thing I've conquered was determining how much to share on my blog. I'm a very private person, so I've often steered away from talking about my personal feelings here. When I finally got comfortable sharing posts about my life, I learned that many people I know read my blog. Just when I thought I was able to use this space to vent my frustrations and share my innermost thoughts, they were being used against me by a few of the people I knew. Only recently did I decide that since this was my space, I would write about what I want! Lol. And just like that, I was over it.

How do you guys feel about sharing your lives on your blog? 
Do your family and friends read your blog?

I hope you guys enjoyed reading our rap session. To read Ali's responses to my questions and to get more familiar with her, click her button! Be sure to go by there and tell her happy birthday! I'm sure it would really make her day!

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