Co-Wash Day: Mommy & Me Edition

This week I decided to do a little something different with my wash day post. Since I didn't get around to cleansing my daughter's hair earlier in the week, I combined our wash days. And boy, two-in-one wash days can be a lot to handle at times! But since we were both only due for a light co-wash and conditioning, I made things as simple as possible. We even use a couple of the same products so I planned for an easy, breezy wash session yesterday afternoon.

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My Experience
1. Pre-pooed with extra virgin coconut oil down the length of my hair and applied Hair Trigger to my scalp.
2. Co-washed with Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle. I usually use this as a deep conditioner mixed with other products, but decided to go against the grain with this co-wash.
3. Deep conditioned with Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructurizer with no heat for about an hour while I cleaned house. I needed a little protein in my life, so I decided to use up the last of this baby so I can add it to my shopping list for Friday. You guys know I'm on a strict no-buy and am only repurchasing staple products when I collect two empties.
4. Rinsed the Aphogee thoroughly and did a quick moisturizing condition with OGX (formally Organix) Macadamia Oil Conditioner
5. I completely rinsed the conditioner and removed as much excess water as I could. I then applied Elasta QP Leave in Conditioner to the length of my hair and sealed with grapeseed oil
6. Air-dried with my hair wrapped in a grey a-shirt for the rest of the day.

Gab's Experience
1. Pre-pooed with extra virgin coconut oil.
2. Rinsed hair and detangled with fingers.
3. Applied As I Am Coconut Cowash generously throughout her hair and let it sit for a few minutes. Then worked my fingers through her scalp and hair to clean.
4. After rinsing the cowash, I applied the rest of the Aussie Moist 2 Minute Reconstructurizer to her hair for a moisturizing deep conditioner. Now I have two empties!!! I put her under the dryer with a plastic cap for about 30 minutes (or until she started complaining).
5. I rinsed out the conditioner  and removed as much excess water as I could with a tee-shirt.
6. Applied a light mist of aloe vera juice to her hair and detangled with my fingers. 
7. Separated her hair into sections, applied Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave In Conditioning Cream throughout her hair, and sealed with extra virgin coconut oil
8. Twisted the sections of her hair and put her hair in a scarf + bonnet to dry overnight.

Our Results
My hair felt very soft and moisturized. I love how soft the Aussie Moist left my hair after co-washing with it! I had such great slip for 5 weeks post! I may start using this product exclusively for my co-washes, alternating with my Herbal Essences conditioners from now on. I'll still continue to deep condition Gab's hair with it though, as her hair seems to love it as well. And thanks to the OGX Macadamia Oil conditioner, I love how great my hair still smells today. That stuff made my hair feel like butter after my final rinse! I hope Walgreens still has the OGX products on sale for BOGO this week, as I may get a couple more tomorrow.

Gab's hair loves the As I Am Coconut Cowash. I've been using it since hearing MahoganyCurls rave about it on YouTube and have not been disappointed! It's very cleansing, yet moisturizing to her hair and really helps define her curls. It also smells like a dream! I thought the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave in Conditioning Cream would beat the frizzies and define Gab's curls more so than the Shea Moisture Curl Defining Pudding that I normally use, but it did not. It's another product that I was trying to finish up, but I don't think I'll be repurchasing so soon. Since I have no plans of going far until the weekend, I'm done up with a rolled bang and messy bun inspired by Keyda and Gabs is rocking a bun. Next time, I promise to take better pictures!


 How was your most recent wash day?

The Wash Day Experience
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