Married & Dating: The Initial Conversation

When you saw the phrase "Married & Dating," what things initially came to mind? When Teems, Carissa, Tia and I began discussing a collaboration about married couples and their experiences with dating, I had no idea what we would call this series. And when the phrase "married and dating" came up, I thought it was perfect. That is, in fact, what we were and what we would be doing, right? We were collectively four married women who wanted to share how dating fosters healthy relationships with our spouses. But when I began to discuss this link-up series with my hubby, he seemed to be a bit put off by the title. 

Why is it called " married and dating?" he asked. "Who are you dating, anyways?" Of course, I assured him that in participating and co-hosting this series, I would blog about things we do together to keep our marriage fresh. I assumed he would know what I meant by married and dating, just as I assumed all of you out there would know exactly what we were talking about. But boy, was I wrong! 
Somehow my husband's idea ran along the lines of escapades similar to those of women involved in reality tv shows like "pregnant and dating." Why would he think we were talking about dating other people outside of our marriages is beyond me, but ladies and gentlemen please don't get it twisted. We're talking about healthy relations between married couples around here, not extramarital relations. I'm sorry if this may have confused anyone, including my babe!

What began as a simple question about being married and dating slowly evolved into a discussion on dating in general. As a man who admitted he was never "big" on dating overall, he asked me what it meant to be dating. I mean, this guy actually asked me the definition of dating. I questioned if he recalled all the things we've done together romantically together for the last 11 years but he didn't think that was considered dating lol. So I consulted ever-so-trusty GOOGLE via phone amid our conversation and gave him a simple definition of dating.

Dating means spending time with someone in which one shares a romantic interest.

Well, what do you know. He said we do that all the time! But he had no clue "people" called that dating. He thought we were just hanging out :)

Unfortunately, hubby and I haven't had the chance to spend time together doing anything we would consider a date lately. We have an anniversary coming up in a couple of days, so we've been saving all of our energies for that (don't worry, I'll share a post + pics too). However, he reminded me that if my definition of dating was just that, we definitely were sharing time (in the absence of our children) watching the Duke and UVA game yesterday. Lol. Mind you, this was my view. Right from our living room, completely uninterrupted by the little ones. 

And while this wasn't a typical date, there was nothing sweeter than sitting up under him watching the game during those moments. My husband is a die-hard Duke fan and it really meant a lot to him for me to take part in something he was interested in--even if it wasn't at the bar or sports lounge. And though his team lost, it was cool to watch. It was somehow refreshing to kick back and relax on the couch in sweats, cuddled up under J, in peace. That is, until he begins to scream and yell at the TV with his brows furrowed and fists clenched! Oh how I wish Duke would have caught that win yesterday!

Have you had a recent date night with  your spouse? I would love for you to tell me about it! Please grab the button below and link-up!

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