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Hey ladies and gents! I'm back at #AskAwayFriday again this week! This Friday, I've partnered up with Shelly over at DIY Mama. And just as the name of her blog suggests, Shelly is the real deal DIY Mama. At DIY Mama, she blogs about her life with her husband and her "little bean" Soph, as well as her love of crafting and organizing. In getting to know Shelly in the blogosphere, I have since organized my nail care storage, planned my family trip to Disney, and began working on my own life planner. Seriously, you guys have to stop by and check her out. It's been so much fun getting familiar with Shelly this week!


Below are the questions Shelly asked me and my responses to them.

1. I love your 'Weekly Wishes' posts! Do they help you stay focused to accomplish your wishes by writing them down? Yes. Yes. Yes. Writing my goals down is essential in completing them. And since I am a chronic list-maker, I find myself making a list of things to do (or complete) on the daily. I usually keep my weekly goals posted on my bulletin board in my bedroom and saved in my phone so that I can keep my eyes on them. And blogging about them keeps me accountable. Checking items off my on-going lists is so gratifying, you have no idea!

These are just a few of my list and wish keepers :)

2. It's National Pollinators Week! What are your thoughts on bees? My initial thoughts on bees--- I'm afraid of them. Childhood bee stings are responsible for this fear, as those little stingers are no joke! But after reading your post about National Pollinators Week, I've started thinking beyond my fear and more about how beneficial bees are to nature. I might even plant some zinnias and sunflowers for them :)

3. When I Was Gab's Age was a stroll down memory lane for me! I'm pretty sure we had parallel childhoods! What have you re-introduced from your childhood to your kids? I've re-introduced Gabs and Core to so many things from my childhood, especially with television shows and cartoons. Gabs is able to watch some episodes of Sister Sister with me and Core has become a fan of Smart Guy recently. They both enjoy watching The Magic School Bus and they seem to be learning a lot from it. 

In the last month or so, Gabs has fallen in love with Judy Blume books and The Babysitter's Club series. I'm too hyped about that! We've actually started watching The Babysitter's Club together.

4. I just bought tickets to see one of our favorite comedians in September (Mike Birbiglia)! What comedian have you seen that you loved or who would you like to see? Wow, that's cool. Mike Birbiglia is a funny dude! I saw Rickey Smiley a few years back and he was hilarious. Earthquake is coming close by in the upcoming weeks, so I'm hoping to get some last minute tickets for that!

5. Our babies (your youngest) were born pretty close to the same day! (Oct. 5th for Soph.) What new gadget or toy have you used with Jj that you love and wish you had with the other two? The GracoBaby SweetPeace Infant Soothing Swing was the best thing ever invented for babies! Oh my goodness. That swing has been a blessing. It has four different seating positions, it vibrates, it reclines... You can even play music from your iPod on it. I don't think this swing was around when the others were babies, but I wish it was!  

6. I know you're into make-up hardcore! What is your favorite drug-store makeup that you always go back to? No matter what new cosmetic I fall in love with, I always find my way back to CVS or Walgreens to grab up some Wet n Wild stuff. It was the very first brand of makeup I ever tried. I love their liners, mascaras, lipsticks, and nail polish. I've been using their polishes longer than any other brand and I have yet to be disappointed!

This is my favorite Wet n Wild Lipstick. 
It's so pigmented and long-lasting!

7. I just finished A Fault in Our Stars and really liked it. Are you the type to stop a book if you're not into it or do you complete the book? Any recent favorites? I can't wait to get into A Fault in Our Stars. It's on my Summer Reading List. Now I will be completely honest and tell you I will stop a book at the drop of a hat. I like to read several books at the time, so if a book I'm reading isn't serving me at the moment, I will put it down. That's not to say I won't pick it back up. But if  I try to read it again and can't get into it, I will not complete it. I'm currently reading The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer and Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli and both are good reads. I can't wait to give updates on them both!

8. I saw you're grateful for Dance Central! Me too! What's your go-to jam that you always get 5 stars?
You Got It (The Right Stuff) by New Kids on the Block gets me 5 stars each time. It's my favorite song on Dance Central 3 and no one wants to battle with me when I choose that song. They know it's going down! Lol.

9. Summer time means great movies! Have you seen any yet this summer or are there any on your 'must see' list? Will you go to a drive-in with your kids this summer? I plan to take Gabs and Core to see X-Men: Days of Future Past within the next week or so. I've been wanting to see Think Like a Man Too and I hope hubby takes me on a date night to see it soon.

10. Finish this sentence: 'Sometimes, when no one's watching, I _______!' ...sing really loud and pitchy to my heart's content! I love to sing, I'm just not very good at it. So that's my favorite thing to do when no one's watching (or listening lol.)

Now with this swap, Shelly offered a bonus question. The bonus was to answer one question that I asked her. And let me tell you, I had the hardest time picking a question to answer. Where do I get these questions from that I ask? Lol. Here goes!

*** If you could start your own mom group, what you would call it? When and where would your group meet and what would you guys do in your meet-ups? If I could start my own mom group, it would either be called Rockin' Mamas or Moms' Night Out. Why, I don't know. Both names sound pretty catchy to me. We could have an initial meeting to discuss various places we'd like to have group meetings and different activities we would like to do. I would probably suggest meeting up at places like Barnes and Nobles/Starbucks, Nikki's, or the Bowling Alley. And of course I'd love to have regular meet-ups at my place to have girl-talk, host pamper parties, and do nails + makeup. This actually sounds like a lot of fun!

It's been real answering your questions, Shelly! Now I want to go find a local comedy show, watch Smart Guy re-runs with Gabs and Core, and get my Dance Central moves together! Be sure to stop by DIY Mama to see Shelly's answers to my questions today.

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