Ask Away Friday with Sonya: Round Two

Happy Friday, beautiful people! Are you guys as happy about it being Friday as I am? Not only is the day going beautifully so far, I have the opportunity to pair up with my blogger friend Sonya K. of Saving Everyday with Sonya K again for #AskAwayFriday. If you guys enjoyed the first round we did back in March, you will love this one. 


Below are the questions Sonya asked me and my responses to them:

Lets start with some music questions.
1. There are some songs from the 90's that I loved as a kid, but I can't stand listening to now. Do you have any songs that you loved at one time from the 90's but hate now? I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred. I can imagine I sang it loudly and mockingly for many years. But now, I hear it and cringe. Talk about overkill!

2. Listening to music can bring back memories from certain times in your life. What songs remind you of the following events:

(a) Care free childhood days- Just Kickin' It by Xscape. I can still remember singing that on the playground with my friends in elementary school. Kenya, if you're out there reading, can you remember being Kandi for this song?

(b)Freshman year of college- The College Dropout Album by Kanye West... Yes, each and every song. I bet my roommate got tired of hearing this when she got ready for classes in the A.M. Lol.

(c)When you first met your husband-Excuse Me Miss by Jay-Z. I don't recall any songs from the night we met, but when we were initially dating, this song was always on the radio when we rode out. 
       "everybody's like he's no item.. 
please don't like him... he don't wife 'em.. he "one nights" 'em"

3. If you could choose one guy group from the 90's to serenade you, who would you choose? Since I wouldn't be able to choose H-Town now (rest in peace to Dino), I will go with Next. If they could serenade me singing "Butta Love" that would be... well that would be love!

4. What are your top 3 favorite Prince songs? Adore, The Beautiful Ones, Erotic City, and I Wanna Be Ur Lover. Naming only three was so hard, so I had to throw an extra one in there.

Food Questions.
5. What is your favorite Southern meal to cook? Fried Chicken, Rice and Gravy, Collard Greens, Corn Bread, Lima Beans, and Baked Macaroni + Cheese. Don't worry, it's not something I make often. It's a big hearty meal, so I'd probably only make a meal like this when all my siblings come down to visit.

6. Is there any food you are afraid to try to cook? There are actually two things--and they may not be a big deal to many. But my Grandma Lou made the best biscuits in the world. And when she had old leftover biscuits, she would make biscuit pudding. If you've never heard of it, biscuit pudding is a baked delicacy made with leftover biscuits and vanilla, among other items. I've often thought about trying to make biscuits from scratch, but I never follow through. I'm afraid that they will never taste as good as grandma's. And for that reason, in all honesty, I make my biscuits with biscuit mix. 

But man, I'd love to have some of that biscuit pudding she used to make. It was so sweet and chewy. Maybe I'll try to make them both one day. 

7. What would a typical weekend breakfast be at your house? Weekend breakfasts are the best! Unless it's summertime, Saturday and Sunday mornings are the only times we have big breakfasts. Typically we will have pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, grits, toast, orange juice, and a fruit platter. 

90's TV Questions
8. If you could invite four of your favorite 90's TV characters to a fantasy dinner party, who would you invite? Dwayne Wayne from A Different World, Denise from the Cosby Show, Kyle Barker from Living Single, and Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City. Gosh, that was a tough one! I think I have changed my answers about five times. Lol. 

9.The cartoons and TV shows from the 90's had very catchy theme songs. What was you favorite cartoon and TV theme song to sing? The theme songs from Tiny Toon Adventures and Step By Step instantly came to mind. I don't know if they were my absolute favorite theme songs, but I remember singing them a lot. 

10. Zach Morris vs. A.C. Slater? Who would you have chosen for your Bayside guy? A.C. Slater. That was my boo on Saturday mornings! There's something about those dimples and the way he called Jessie "mama" that always made me swoon. 

I've had a blast answering Sonya's questions and taking this beautiful trip down memory lane! To get more familiar with Sonya, make sure you click the button below and show her blog some love. She also responded to my questions as well this week, so check them out and tell her I sent you!

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