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What types of beauty tips and tricks do you search for when creating a beauty look of your own? As a person that always takes notice to eyes,  beautifully groomed brows, and luscious lashes when I peruse beauty blogs and magazines, I'm looking to enhance each of these. And to have a moment of honesty with you guys, I've struggled with that a lot over the years. My brows are sparse and often unruly. Not to mention, my lashes are very short and barely detectable. So finding an affordable mascara that defines my "barely there" lashes while giving them volume is always on the top of my beauty buy list.

Making note of mascaras and brow products to add to my beauty buy list, I considered items that would allow me to play up my eyes with as little effort as possible. Now as much as I love looking well put together, I don't always love all the work that goes into doing a full face of makeup. So in searching for new beauty products to simplify my everyday looks, I recently stopped by Walmart (you guys know I STAY in Wallyworld) to see what they had in store.

I purchased Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara, along with other Maybelline eye products to enhance my eyes and brows.

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Your eyes are what initially define your entire look--and they can make or break it. The last thing I want to look like when I leave the house is a sleep-deprived mama of three out here in these streets. And wearing a quality mascara really makes my eyes come alive, whether I've had a full night's sleep or not!

I found that Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara gave my eyes the pick-me-up they needed with little to no effort. I find it pretty cool that this mascara has the world's first ever patented "push up brush" with cup-shaped bristles that scoop, coat, and lift lashes. It's also the first mascara to deliver dramatic volume of a 45 degree lift. Who doesn't love such a volumizing lift to their lashes? And with this mascara's creamy plumping formula, the mascara glides smoothly onto lashes for a dramatic, instant change.

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I added all of the products to my typical beauty routine below: 
  • Apply concealer + powder to cover any blemishes or imperfections (if you have them).
  • Frame face by defining (and filling in, if necessary) your brows. 
  • Lightly line your upper lashes for further definition.
  • Add a soft brown accent to the bottom corner of my lower lashes.
  • And for the perfect finishing touch, apply Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Mascara to the root of your upper lashes, then lightly lift the brush to the tip. I apply two coats for good measure and waa-lah, magic! Bat your eyes and get ready for the day!
  • Feel free to apply a flattering nude lippie to keep the routine as fresh + natural as possible. 
This only takes about five minutes!


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This look can easily be "glammed up" by adding eyeshadow after defining your brows.

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So if you're looking for beautiful, full lashes without the hassle of applying extensions, add Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara to your makeup bag. It simplifies your eye look by combining two steps in one! You get the full dramatic eyes in half the time and half the drama!

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Are you looking to step your beauty game up with this simple, but effective tip? If so, stop by your local Walmart and try Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara for yourself! Your lashes will thank you for the special consideration!
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