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Hey ladies! In case no one else has told you today, I just wanted to take a moment to tell each and every one of you that you are beautiful--each and every one of you in your own individual ways. And each and every one of you are special. It doesn't matter what race or nationality you are, what your sexuality may be, or what age you are. I don't care if your hair is relaxed, texlaxed, natural, permed, weaved, or if you're bald-- you're beautiful. I don't care if you wear makeup or not, you're beautiful. Even if others criticize you for the ways you choose to wear your hair or how you apply your makeup. That's your prerogative.

Every one of you is special. Whether you've finished your second degree or have no degree at all. Whether you're working everyday or you're unemployed. Every step you have taken thus far is guiding you towards your own individual path and purpose--whether it looks like it now or not. Have faith in who you've been called to be, even if you feel like you haven't found your calling.

Whether you are a mother or not, whether you are married or single, and whether you're a working mom or a stay at home mom--your life has a beautiful purpose! Not everyone can do what you do, as we are all designed for different purposes. We will all lead and inspire different individuals and will also follow and be inspired by plenty others. I know some of this may sound repetitive, but perhaps the repetition is necessary.
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Maybe my words are too simple and plain for some, but I'm only trying to keep it simple and plain here: We women really have to learn to love each other better. We keep drawing these invisible lines in the sand to separate ourselves from others, when all we are doing is hurting ourselves. We could definitely use the support of others! We keep criticizing and demeaning each other when we really need to use a little more kindness and compassion towards each other. Spread just a little more love and see how far it goes. And you just may find that there truly is beauty and love in everyone we chance to meet, whether they do things differently than we do or not.

And if you are in the business of sharing love and spreading love among your fellow WOman, I appreciate you. Thank you so much for sharing your loving kindness with others. I hope it soon becomes catching and spreads like wildfire! But until then, continue to shine your light. We all need it and each other. 

Wouldn't you agree?

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