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Hello loves! I want to introduce you guys to two new features I am adding to the blog lineup. If you remember the Memoirs of a Fashion Blogger series, I am excited to announce that it's coming back to the blog!

Not only is the Memoirs of a Fashion Blogger series being revamped, I am also adding a new feature, Memoirs of a Beauty Blogger, to the site. And I would love to feature you.
To participate, all you have to do is fill out this form for Fashion Bloggers and this form for Beauty Bloggers.

And if you don't have a blog but would love to be featured, please email me at with the subject "Memoirs of a Fashionista" or "Memoirs of a Beauty Enthusiast."

I'm super excited about these features and I can't wait to hear from you guys!

photo credit: rekita nicole designs
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