How to Create an Inspiration Box

When is the last time you took inventory of your current goals and resolutions? I know it's been a while since I've talked about goals here on the blog. But now that we're already half-way through the year, I thought today would be a good time to speak on them again. I know everyone doesn't buy into the whole new year's resolution thing. However, I do believe everyone can benefit from writing down goals and checking progress on them as often as needed. That's why many of us create vision boards to keep us focused on them daily.

Remember on Instagram and Facebook when I told you guys I was inspired by this XO Necole article about the vision board alternative, the "create box?" Well instead of updating my vision board (which is actually a cork-board filled with pictures and affirmations), I enhanced it with a "create box" or as I like to call mine, an "inspiration box." I figured "inspiration box" would be more fitting because the images, quotes, and scriptures I have in mine inspire me to focus on my goals and purpose. Below, I will tell you how I made it.

All you need are the following:
-A vision or specific goals in mind you want to achieve
-A pretty box (store-bought or a decorated shoe box, it's all up to you)
-Index Cards
-A Marker or Pen
-About 30 Minutes (or 3 days depending on how long it takes to load your box lol)

For starters, I went out and found a pretty box that I wouldn't mind staring at every day--one that would definitely liven up my living space. I came across this one below in Ross and I had to grab it up.

And for a while, the box just sat on my nightstand waiting for me to fill it up with inspiration.

Finally, I took a look at my current goals, gathered up some magazines, and searched for pictures that aligned with the goals on my list. I cut those out and put them in the box.

Then I wrote some of my favorite scriptures and quotes on index cards (for easier day-to-day reviewing) and put them inside the box as well.

After doing all of that, I had a nice neat little box of inspiration before me. I could open it whenever I needed an extra boost of encouragement or needed a reminder of my goals.

And to make my pictures a bit sturdier, I glued them to poster board and cut around the perimeters. That way if I do decide to add a specific picture to my cork-board or calendar, I could pull it out and stick it to the board without worrying about ruining it. This step isn't absolutely necessary, though. As long as you're able to focus on your vision, you're good.

Have you ever created a vision board or inspiration box? 
How do you chart the progression of your goals?
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