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Happy First of the Month, ladies! It's been so much fun interviewing ladies for the  Memoirs of a Fashionista feature and I hope you all have been enjoying them! I've learned a lot from the fellow fashionistas I've featured so far and am excited to continue sharing them throughout the next season. If this is your first time checking out the series, the mission of the "Memoirs of a Fashionista" series is to highlight stylish women I admire while allowing them to share the love of fashion from their unique points of view.

style tips from fashion bloggers of color

In today's "Memoirs," I am pleased to be featuring my sis Keyva on the blog. She's not only my blogger friend, she's also my Pretty Entrepreneur tribe sister! She always has a kind, inspiring word to share on social media and her personal style is EVERYTHING! Her flawless looks are polished with the perfect balance of classic and trendy for the everyday working woman. And don't let me leave out the fact that her hair is always on point! I mean, did you catch those sleek, luscious locks above? Keyva shares style tips, fashion inspiration, and her musings on life through social media, her blog, and contributions to the Pretty Entrepreneur "Pretty Ish" blog as well. And I for one, feel like I'm in for such a a treat when she does. Ladies, I present to you Keyva of My Life as "Keyva Jo."

Tell me more about yourself and your blog. I am a 33-year- old Texan, currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m a Veteran having served over nine years Active Duty in the Air Force. I currently work full time for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs as a Disability Rating Specialist. In my spare time, I enjoy shopping (which I refer to as blog research haha), trying new restaurants around Atlanta, and stealing a few quiet moments to dig into a good book! However, lately, I've been putting my heart and soul and just about all my free time into my blog My Life as“Keyva Jo” which I launched about six months ago! It’s a Life & Style Blog where I discuss all things related to career ambitions, lifestyle goals, fashion, beauty, and everything in between. It’s a blog for the multi-tasking, work-life balancing woman, striving to become a better version of herself! Women like me, and if you’re reading this, women like you!

style tips from fashion bloggers of color

How do you define your style? Do you have a signature look? I don't have an elaborate way to describe my style; I simply refer to it as cute, classy, and chic. I prefer to wear things that make me feel comfortable and confident. My professional wardrobe has the traditional neutral colors, but I also like to mix it up and add pops of color here and there. Something like a black sheath dress with a yellow cardigan or if I wear a skirt and jacket, I’ll put a colorful patterned shirt underneath. On the weekends, it depends on where I'm going, but you'd probably find me in jeans, wedge heels, and a cute top. Or a cute casual dress with heels! One thing you're probably less likely to catch me in is flats! Unless I'm going somewhere that I'll be doing tons of walking. I don't know why, but flats have never been something I gravitate towards in the shoe store. I guess it’s just a personal style preference or quirk of mine!

Where do you look for style inspiration? Style inspiration is not hard to find these days! I enjoy reading magazines; I love In Style and Essence. I’m also a huge fan of the Pinterest and Polyvore apps and websites. Social media also makes it easy to follow fellow fashion bloggers and style influencers who provide great style tips and shopping recommendations.

style tips from fashion bloggers of color

Who are your style icons? I don't think I have a style icon per se, but there are a few people I live to see on the red carpets! Some of my favorites are Jennifer Lopez who effortlessly shuts it down wherever she goes, Rihanna who always gives you an elegant, edgy sexiness, Beyoncé who can make a statement no matter what she is wearing, and Blake Lively who keeps it classic in all the best ways.

What items do you feel are wardrobe "must haves?" A little black dress with a bad pair of heels, a tailored girl boss power suit, a crisp white button up, a comfortable go-to pair of jeans, a trench coat, a fashionable tote that will look good with any outfit, and finally, workout attire!

Where are your favorite places to shop? I used to be a big department store girl, Dillard’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s; and while I still enjoy those stores, more recently I’ve gotten into local boutique shopping because you can find unique pieces for really great prices. I also like Banana Republic and Express for work. For casual wear, I like Asos, Zara, and H&M. Also, If I’m doing bargain shopping then hands down T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s and Nordstrom Rack are my go to’s.

style tips from fashion bloggers of color

What trends are you currently wearing or looking forward to wearing this season? I am a girly girl! I love colors; I love pastels, I love pieces that are cute and flowy! Wide leg pants are making a comeback, and I can't wait to grab me a pair or two! I’m also loving the long colorful pleated skirts, printed shorts and patterned pants. Oh, and I can’t forget kimonos as well. In spring and summer, I'm all about bringing energy and vibrancy with my style, so I'm drawn to pieces that give me that feeling.

If your style had a theme song, what would it be? This is a tough question, but I'm going to narrow it down to songs that have come out this year and go with Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. Don’t ask me why, I just love that song and the beat seems to match my style!

Do you have any styling tips or advice you would like to give someone who's working on developing their personal style?  I would say experiment and try different things until you find what looks and feel right to you! At the end of the day, your personal style is your chance to make an impression before even speaking a word. So, find wardrobe items that leave the impression you want to project, pieces that help you feel confident and powerful, and most importantly comfortable.

style tips from fashion bloggers of color

To find out more about Keyva and to connect on these internet streets, you can find her on Instagram at iamkeyvajo, Twitter at KeyvaJo, Facebook at KeyvaJo, and of course over on her blog at Be sure to stop through to show her some love and tell her Dre sent you!

Thank you so much for taking a part in this series, Keyva!
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