5 Ways to Show Love to Your Girls

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If you've been around here for a while, you know I take self-care very seriously. I truly believe that the way we care for ourselves directly affects everything we do- how we care for others, how we receive others, how we interact, how we love, how we heal, and essentially how we thrive. But one important factor I failed to mention in partaking in self-care actually involves those closest to us-- our girlfriends.

What do your girlfriends have to do with self-care, you ask? Actually, it has so much to do with self-care. For us women, having a tribe of women to celebrate your wins with, cry over losses with, and just share life in general is wealth to our well-being. It is essential. Not only that, it makes perfect sense that once we have taken care of ourselves we pour that love and care into our sister tribe. Am I right? The first step in self-care is always filling yourself with the utmost care and nurturing. The next is to pass that love and care on to others, whether it be your friends, family, and/or your community.

So what have you done for your friends lately? When is the last time you've shown your best girlfriends a little love? If it's been a while for you (and I'm totally not judging you, sis-- it happens to all of us) here are a few ways to get back into the groove of showing your friends a little love.

1. Check in with her. We all communicate differently. Perhaps sending a text to say what's up works for one of your girlfriends. Maybe a social media message will get a quick response from another. But if your girlfriends are like me, catching up with a phone conversation or a quick lunch date is the move. Either way, make sure you are doing the minimum by checking in with your girls to see how they are doing.

2. Show her she is appreciated. Do you admire the fact that your girlfriend always comes through in the clutch just when you need her? Make sure you are letting her know! It means so much to anyone to know that their generosity is being noticed and appreciated. You don't have to throw a party or roll out the red carpet to show your appreciation, either. Sometimes just verbally acknowledging the gratitude will speak volumes to her. And if she responds well to cupcakes, bottles of wine, or cutesy greeting cards, that works too! 

3. Support her goals and dreams. Has your friend recently launched her own business or looking to pursue entrepreneurship? Has she decided that she wants to take the plunge and move to another city in the pursuit of her dreams? Maybe she has decided that this will be the year that she hustles her way through paying off debt. Whatever her goal may be, if she trusts you enough to share her innermost dreams and desires with you, don't take that lightly. Do what you can as a friend to support her. Keep in mind that support looks different for everyone. Perhaps you could give her encouraging words. Refer friends to her services. Buy those delicious cakes she makes (if you actually like them, that is). There's nothing like the love and support of your girlfriends when you are out to pursue the uncertain unknown. With others by your side and having your back, you feel like you can accomplish anything!

4. Keep it all the way real with her. Just as you would support your friend's goal of starting her own business, you also have to let her know that her dreams aren't going to fall in her lap. The beauty in genuine friendships is you aren't afraid of keeping it all the way real with each other. You hold each other accountable. If you know your friend, you know her sensitivities and know there may be a certain way that you have to talk to her. Share your heartfelt concerns in love. Keeping it real isn't just about telling your friend things she wants to hear. It's about telling her the truth in a way that fosters growth.

5. Share your life with her.  Let your friends in. Checking in with her, supporting her dreams, and holding your girlfriend down is only half the battle. If you are doing all of these things, you are truly holding it down in the friend department and I applaud you! But sometimes, as a friend who is always on the giving end, you can often forget that you should be on the receiving end as well. Don't be afraid to share your successes with your friends. Tell them your goals and desires. Invite them to do fun things with you. Trust your friends enough to allow them to reciprocate the love you give them. Isn't that how it's supposed to be?

north carolina beauty + lifestyle blogger

How do you show love to the women in your life?

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