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Were you here for the TNT Drama Claws that premiered early summer? If you know how much I stan for Niecy Nash, you already know I just HAD to check it out. And through my tuning in each week for lots of laughs, shocks, and clutching of my proverbial pearls,  I was introduced to some colorful characters. While it was evident that I would be mesmerized by Niecy Nash's stylish, "around-the-way-girl" character Desna, I was also intrigued by Karrueche Tran's character Virginia. Homegirl was a door-knocker rocking, booty-shorts styling, working-at-the-pyramid-tonight-type hot mama who didn't know a thing about doing nails, honey. How she ended up working at a nail salon was beyond me, but I still continued to watch her screw up nails (among other things) each week.

And as you can tell from my description of the show so far, Claws definitely grew on me. So much so, that I was sad to see the season coming to an end a few short weeks ago. However, I was excited to see that Karrueche would be debuting a new lippie from her ColourPop collaboration bearing her beloved character's name. Once I saw that bright red violet lippie come across my phone screen, I just knew I had to have it.

lipstick for women of color

According to the ColourPop website, Virginia is described as a bright red violet liquid lipstick. As a satin liquid lipstick, Virginia is supposed to deliver "high pigmentation and a satin-matte finish that keeps lips soft and comfy all day." The packaging is pretty, with Virginia inscribed in a name-plate chain type script across the colorful box. And the tube resembles most other ColourPop liquid lipstick tubes, save the gold band wrapped around the top. However, no matter how brightly colored the hue, the tubes never do the lippies justice on the website. So I had to look out for you guys and share a nice thick swatch below for you.

lipstick for women of color

I must say guys, I am loving this lippie. It's vibrant, and though it's similar to other colors in my stash--- I don't own a definite dupe for it at all. The color lasts for as long as you choose to wear it and wears quite comfortably as long as you don't go overboard with the application. Now I will give you a few warnings about rocking Virginia. As with all of ColourPop liquid lipsticks, Virginia is not transfer-proof. Wherever you go, Virginia will tell on you. Just as her television counterpart, she is not a good liar. She leaves her traces on coffee mugs, wine glasses, the roasted turkey sandwich you eat at Panera, and the spoon you slurp your soup with. Another thing to know is that you must exfoliate your lips before rocking her. She will settle into those fine lines and take residence in them until you remove her and the rest of your makeup at the end of the day. And since Virginia is satin-matte and long-lasting, reapplying after eating is a no-go. The application won't be even and you will wind up trying to scrub it all off.

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So if you're heading out to be cute, going to the mall, sight-seeing, checking out a movie, or just enjoying your day, Virginia definitely goes. But if you're going out on a lunch date, dinner date, or planning to wear this lippie while out enjoying a meal with company, I would skip Virginia and save her for one of the occasions mentioned above. All in all, I'm loving Virginia and will be putting her in heavy rotation this fall.

Are you feeling ColourPop Virginia as much as I am?
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