How To Stay Prepared as a Woman On-The-Go

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As a busy woman, how do you stay prepared for the day? With school back in session for my oldest two children, my husband and I do a lot of running around in the run of a day. Between running errands, meetings, sports activities, and keeping my toddler engaged in the daytime, I have to make sure I'm always prepared for anything the day may present to me. Lately, I'm learning that keeping my purse filled with essentials keeps things running smoothly. While we may remember to grab our keys, cell phones, gum, and maybe even our sunglasses, we often forget those small but necessary items that will keep us prepared for a full, action-packed day. Read below to find out how which items I keep tucked away in my bag to ensure that I stay prepared as a woman constantly on-the-go.

Women's Multi-Vitamins- We don't always get all the nutrients we need through our food, so taking a multi-vitamin helps ensure we get the daily recommended essential nutrients. Because vitamins should be taken with a meal, I'd grab something to eat on the road and forget all about the vitamins. "A gummy you can trust," Nature Made® Multi For Her plus Omega-3s Adult Gummies makes it easy for me to throw a couple of them in a tablet dispenser and chew after stopping to get breakfast or a snack. Nature Made® Multi for Her plus Omega-3s Adult Gummies are a great-tasting, convenient way for women to receive the daily nutritional support of a multivitamin, plus 60 mg of heart-healthy EPA and DHA omega-3s from fish oil, per serving.†

And as a beauty enthusiast, I make sure to add Biotin Adult Gummies to my daily vitamin intake. Providing 3000 mcg of biotin, these gummies give a busy woman like me an easy way to consume biotin-- which may help support healthy hair, skin, and nails in those who are biotin deficient.†

Multi-Purpose Beauty Essentials- As women on-the-go, we may not have time to do a full-face of makeup everyday. And even if we do, we must have the tools required to maintain that beautiful look throughout the busy day! I always suggest keeping a finishing powder, a blush, and a "lips but better" nude lipgloss tucked inside your bag. Finishing powder not only evens your complexion, it keeps the oil at bay- especially if you plan to be out for a while. A nice, natural colored blush with a bit of shimmer could bring a bit of life with ease and could also double as an eyeshadow to wake up tired eyes. And since nothing says unkempt like dry, parched lips, keeping the nude lippie in your stash for quick applications brings life back to your face (and moisture to your lips) effortlessly.

Stationery- Sure we have memo and note apps in our phones, but for me, nothing beats putting pen to paper. I like having a small journal in my bag to take notes or write down reminders as they come. And they're always convenient to have with you when the next blog post idea comes to mind! I also like to keep pens and my planner in my bag as well so that I can schedule things at will. And how many times have you looked for a pen in your bag and not had one? It's better to always be prepared by having one (or if you're like me, about 3 or 4 floating around the bottom of your bag).

Assorted Accessories- If there is nothing else in my bag, I like to make sure I keep a small tote of assorted accessories tucked in there. This mini-bag holds things like floss, anti-bacterial wipes, panty-liners, bobby pins, headbands, and hair ties. These things keep you fresh and your hair in place just in case your long day gets the best of you (and your hair). Every time I have left this bag at home, I've needed one of these things desperately and had to run into a store to get them. So now I make sure I have room for these rarely thought of necessities in my bag.

Entertainment- Being a busy woman on-the-go may also mean you have to play the waiting game for some period of time in your day. You might have to wait in the pick-up line after school for your children. You might find yourself waiting for dance, football practice, band, piano lessons, or maybe even after school tutoring to get over as well. So in these times, it's always nice to remember to bring some form of entertainment along with you. While my small notebook serves as entertainment some days, most others involve some sort of book or app downloaded onto my tablet. I always have something stored on my trusty tablet to keep me busy while I'm playing the waiting game.

As a rule, I always try to keep these things in my bag no matter where I go. Packing it right after I get ready in the mornings usually keeps me consistent with carrying around these essentials. And to make sure stay stocked up on my Nature Made® Multi For Her plus Omega-3s Adult Gummies, I head to my local Walmart when my bottles run low.  Not only are they tasty and easy to ingest, Nature Made® Gummies are tested for purity and potency which gives you the assurance that you’re getting the nutrients you seek from your gummies. And that's right up my alley, as far as vitamins go! How about you? Are you ready to add Nature Made® to your daily routine? If so, head to your local Walmart and try them for yourself!

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