Dinner Made Easy With P.F. Chang's Home Menu Sauces

Nothing beats enjoying a delicious meal with the ones you love. And I'm quick to believe no one appreciates this more than a family waiting for mama to bring all the makings of this meal together at the table when dinner time hits. You know, one that's hearty, satisfying, can be prepared on the fly, and doesn't cost a lot of money to make. That's what makes for a good meal at my house. Meals prepared in my kitchen are fast, easy, and filling enough to accommodate my party of five.

I was able to accomplish all of these things and more, thanks to this VoxBox I received from Influenster a short while back. In this box, there was a bottle of P.F. Chang's Teriyaki Sauce, a recipe card, and a coupon to for another bottle. This started the wheels to turning in my mind as to what I wanted to make for dinner.

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Instead of using the inserted recipe, I tried my hand at a simple salmon recipe from the Chef Savvy blog I found over on Pinterest. Speaking of Pinterest, don't you hate when you find a great recipe up there, but don't have two or three of the ingredients in your cabinets to actually make the recipe? You forget to add the ingredients to your weekly grocery list and you pass on making the recipe that week. Then weeks and maybe even months roll by and you forget all about that would-be delectable meal you pinned to your #LetsEat Pinterest board and it collects dust just like the other things you pinned and forgot about. Oh, that's just me? Oh, okayyyyyy.

Well anyways, I had been wanting to try this Easy Teriyaki Salmon recipe for a while. I love salmon so much, I eat it AT LEAST every two weeks. However, I usually make it the same old pan-seared way (with different veggies of course, but still) and I knew my family would soon get tired of eating the same salmon meal each time I make it. I pinned this recipe with the confidence I could master it with no problem, but I kept forgetting to grab rice wine vinegar and sesame oil from the grocery store. And to be all the way real with you, I don't keep either stocked in my cabinet. So when Influenster sent me this VoxBox, the first thing I thought about was cheating my way through making teriyaki sauce (you know, without the rice wine vinegar and sesame oil) for my salmon I had just picked up from the grocery store. I could only cross my fingers and hope it would taste like I made it myself so I could impress the fam with my amazing cooking skills. Ha!

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Using the P.F. Changs Teriyaki Home Menu Sauce made dinner preparation so easy! I was able to condense this already easy recipe so much. And as a busy mama, I always find joy in eliminating a few steps in the kitchen. I already had salmon on hand, I keep rice in the pantry, and I had some beans in the freezer ready for me to cook up. So I let my salmon marinate in the teriyaki sauce for a few hours, used the sauce as a light glaze before pan-searing it and started preparing the rest of my meal.

To say I was impressed with the sauce would be an understatement. The fresh aroma of the pineapple and ginger filled the entire house as I was baking up my salmon. And not only that, it took my regular salmon special up a notch with such little effort. I could taste the ingredients just as if I made the sauce from scratch and I felt like I was eating straight from P.F. Changs! I didn't have to chop up anything but my green onions and I didn't have to take the time to mix up a sauce in order to make a rich, flavorful meal. It was so good, y'all!

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This dish was a winner with everyone in the house. The kids asked if I could make salmon like this from now on. Hubby doesn't even go for my salmon as much as everyone else, but he enjoyed the flavor. And the best part, I was able to wow the family and walk around like Top Chef in the kitchen once again with just a little time and effort. I enjoyed my meal with a nice glass of red wine and pat myself on the back (while giving a silent high-five to P.F. Chang's Home Menu). I gave the fam a full dining experience for the low!

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If you are looking for a way to spice up your dinner without adding a million extra items to your weekly grocery list, I suggest you try the delicious sauces from P.F. Chang's Home Menu. Not only is the Teriyaki Sauce a winner, they also have Sesame, Mongolian, and Kung Pao sauce. You can find them in most grocery stores, as I've seen them in Walmart, Food Lion, and Target.

How do you spice up your dinner?

Have you tried P.F. Chang's Home Menu Sauces yet?

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary via Influenster and P.F. Chang's Home Menu for testing purposes. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.. To see more about my disclosure policy, click here.

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