Nude Manicure | L.A. Colors Color Craze Nail Polish in Intimate

Many will agree that keeping your nails in check adds to your appearance. For this reason, I try my best to make sure my nails are presentable at all times. And while it's been ages since I've gotten a professional manicure, I don't mind shaping and polishing my nails for upkeep. Some weeks this looks like getting rid of hang-nails and painting them a vivid, pastel shade. Other weeks merely consist of making sure I don't bite my nails or chip my polish.

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This week, my nail care fell somewhere in the middle. I pulled out one of my favorite nude polishes, L.A. Colors Color Craze Nail Polish in Intimate and was reminded of why I love this polish so much. Nude polishes give nails a nice, neat manicure without all the fuss.

No matter how many polishes I purchase for the season, I always make sure I keep a few nude colors in my stash. Nude is a pretty popular nail color choice that can be worn during any season and for any occasion. I reach for it when I want something simple, yet classic. It's just enough to say my nails are fresh without drawing too much attention to them.

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L.A. Colors Color Craze Nail Polish in Intimate gives nails a quick, neutral manicure in minutes. Though the application is a bit sheer, I was able to get my desired level of opacity (without being streaky) in about 3 thin coats. But to make my polish last longer and apply more evenly, I always apply a base coat first and finish with a top coat. And though I like this polish a lot, I don't like the bubbles that rise in the application if you paint them too quickly. Sometimes I'm in a rush and just want to paint my nails and be out the door. Intimate isn't having that, though. It makes you sit down, get comfortable, and take your time while using it. What a fitting name, right?

To jazz up the manicure just a little, I added glitter to my accent nail. The glitter I used is an L.A. Colors Color Craze polish as well, but the label has long left the bottle and I have no clue what it's called. After letting that dry, my manicure is basically complete. This polish usually lasts about a week before it starts chipping or showing signs of wear. I only leave it on for about a week, so it doesn't bother me that much. If I don't want to change the color, however, I'll just apply another coat towards the end of the week and it holds up pretty well.

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Have you been wearing nude nails this summer? What polish colors have you been putting in rotation this season? If you're looking to add this pretty polish to your stash, check out your local Family Dollar, Dollar General, or maybe even Dollar Tree. I picked mine up at the Family Dollar down the street from my house on a whim and I tell you it was a well spent $1.50!

What colors have you been rocking on your nails lately?

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