Blues: A Poem

The blues
I’ve been feeling lately
Don’t really come
With a specific name.
And now that I think of it,
I can’t even tell you where
They came from.

All I know is that
I was minding my own business-
Things were going
Normal enough
And they showed up
At my doorstep
Greeted me like an old friend
That had known me from a
Past time
And needed a safe space
To settle for the night.

The chilling thing about these blues
Is I recognized them instantly.
How could I turn away
from Something
That once felt like second skin?
That knew me so well?
Spent so much time with me?
Knew me better than
I knew myself
At times?

I guess it’s always hard for me
To turn away a familiar face;
And what a shame that was.

While I’m contemplating
Whether or not to open the door,
The blues have already
Made their way in
Unpacked their bags
And have made a home
In my most sacred space
Without even waiting for consent.

Now I’m starving here
Because they won’t leave
And I don’t have the energy
To feed everyone

The neighbors don’t even visit
And haven’t even realized
I haven’t left my house
In well over a week.
Maybe they see the blues
Hanging out on my porch
And speed away at the sight.

While I sit here
Throwing queen-sized
 pity parties
On the daily,
Trying to sustain everyone
Yet starving
At the same damn time.

Photo by Leighann Renee on Unsplash
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