FALL MANICURE | Sinful Colors Polish in Feel The Vibe

Around the end of October while many were brainstorming Halloween costumes and creating fantasy beauty looks, I considered trying a new lipstick color or nail polish. Maybe. I really wanted to come up with a creative beauty look with my makeup to fit the mood of the season. And while playing in my makeup is always a great idea in my mind, the truth is--- I got lazy. I didn't feel like putting on makeup most days to try out those fantasy looks I had visualized. And a new lipstick didn't make the cut in materialized plans, either. However, I did decide to groom my nails and pick up a new nail polish. Even if I wasn't in the mood to play in makeup, I didn't mind finding a new nail color that would brighten my mood and make my plain nails look a bit better.

orange nail polish

And what color could bring out my usual sunny disposition while still being on trend? Why I sure will take a bright orange for $1.00, Alex. One trip to Walgreens and an episode of The Real later, and I was "feeling the vibe" this vibrant polish from Sinful Colors was giving me.
Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Feel The Vibe is an in-your-face bright shade of orange that's just the kind of bold I like. Though I've had other orange polishes in the past, many of them were a bit on the sheer and streaky side. Feel The Vibe is a full-bodied orange that becomes opaque in 2-3 coats with no fuss. Per usual, however, I applied my base coat first.

fall nail colors

To make sure my new pretty orange manicure stood the test of time, I added a top coat after letting the polish dry for about a half-hour (or at least half-way through The Real). And as a creature of habit, I had to add glitter to an accent nail.

DIY manicure

Unfortunately, these pictures do not do this polish as much justice as I want them to. They looked great indoors, but were even more vibrant outdoors. Everywhere I went, people complimented my nails or asked about the color. And though they started to chip after the two week mark, I didn't mind one bit. They lasted long enough for me to enjoy the color fully. And the best part? The opaque orange didn't stain my nails yellow like other orange polishes have before.

fall nail colors
What polish colors have you been putting in rotation this fall? If you're looking to add this pretty polish to your stash, check out your local Walgreens or Walmart. This one came from Walgreens along with four other polishes and a promotion, making it only $1. Can you really beat the color and quality for the price? As you can see, ladies, I am more than happy with this purchase.

What colors have you been rocking on your nails this fall?

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