IN MY BAG | The Lip Bar Liquid Mattes

If you are a beauty lover like myself, I'm sure you're no stranger to beauty brand The Lip Bar. Often  introduced as the brand of colorful lipsticks first seen on Shark Tank, The Lip Bar is so much more. This Detroit-based vegan + cruelty brand created by Melissa Butler (that started off selling lip products online) has recently expanded to selling eye and face products as well. And for customers like me who hate running out of their favorite lipsticks and waiting for them to ship, the lip products are now sold in Target.

IN MY BAG | The Lip Bar Liquid Mattes

With the launch of The Lip Bar's new products, particularly the Fast Face Kits, I've been reminded of why I fell in love with this innovative beauty brand. After my first purchase of Purple Rain a few years ago (because, Prince), I knew this brand would be one to look out for. Not only were the lipsticks offered in vibrant, in-your-face shades, they were cruelty free AND created by a black woman. While there has been a boom in liquid matte lipsticks in recent years, one could get overwhelmed shopping in stores looking for shades that actually looked flattering to wear. Finding a brand that had all complexions in mind made me feel like I had found a winner in The Lip Bar.

And since I've been giving plenty of fall lipstick suggestions in my DMs, I decided it was about time I shared my favorites from the liquid matte line here on the blog. Keep reading below the jump to find out which four I'm keeping in my makeup bag this fall and how to catch them on sale for a limited time!

HAUTE MESS is a fiery orange-red that really demands attention when the wearer walks into a room. I mean, everything in your life at that moment can be a hot mess. YOU can be a hot mess. But this lipstick, honey? It will make your pout look pretty no matter what you're going through. Besides, it's a great conversation starter. Every time I wear it, someone asks me where I got it from.  

PROM QUEEN is the just the right amount of pink and purple for those of us who brake for fuschia lipsticks. Wearing this subtle, yet striking beauty makes me forget that I wasn't prom queen in high school and has me adjusting my invisible crown each time I rock it. 

PRIMA DONNA is a pretty deep purple that shows up and out in all her DIVA glory. Fans of MAC Heroine already know what time it is with this lipstick. The pigmentation with her is bananas-- she's bold and takes no prisoners! And to be quite frank, she looks FABULOUS on everyone I've seen wearing her, no matter the complexion.

BRICKHOUSE is a deep burgundy that I already know I will be reaching for a lot this season. She is universally flattering and is perfect for those days when I want my lips to really pop, but don't want to bring the bright red out. Just make sure you take your time when applying Brickhouse as she can come off a bit patchy if you're not careful. Take this time with this beauty and she will show up for you in all her glory for up to 12 hours! And if by chance you are ready to part ways with her sooner, these lippies can be removed with coconut oil.

What I love most about The Lip Bar liquid mattes is the variety of flattering shades, especially for women of color.  Not only are the colors long-lasting, I feel so fierce stepping out in bold colors like Brickhouse and Prima Donna. Prom Queen makes me feel so soft and feminine when I apply her in the mirror. And Haute Mess gives me an "I AM THAT CHICK" vibe every time I wear her. Ain't nothing like the vibe an amazing lipstick gives a well-put-together person, honey!

If you haven't gotten your hands on these babies yet, you can find them at Target or online at The Lip Bar website. If ordering online, you can buy 3 lippies and get the 4th one free. These pretty beauties along with 13 other shades are waiting for you to shop them up right now for about $13 each. Which one(s) do you think you'll be picking up?

Have you tried any lippies from The Lip Bar yet?
What are your favorites?

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