Weekend Reading Recommendation: I Can't Date Jesus by Michael Arceneaux

I’ll never forget that time in late August when I met up with Michael Arceneaux by way of my good friend Sonia. I didn't actually meet him per say, but she gifted me this book and we buddy-read it so that's sort of the same thing, right? Well maybe it isn't. But when you come across those types of books that make you feel like you're going on a journey with the author, you can't help but feel like you're getting to know them on a personal level. And that's exactly how I felt from the moment I dived into the essay collection I Can't Date Jesus by media personality and New York Times Bestselling author Michael Arceneaux.

Reading I Can’t Date Jesus felt like having the night in with a good friend while he dished and bared his soul over Popeyes and libations. Now when is the last time you felt like that when you read a memoir?

As a Christian woman, when I first read the title, I didn't know what to think. I mean, where is the author going with this? And exactly what place would faith and religion play in his views on dating?  Some essays made me laugh out loud and yell "boy, you need to stop!" more times than I can count. A few of them even made a thug like me (more like sensitive thug, but you get the picture), shed a few tears. Arceneaux not only gave me all the feels, he made me think.

He’s a great storyteller and his voice/style of writing made me feel right at home in reading along. His colorful language might be a bit spicy for some, but it was cool with me. He stood in his truth. He was unapologetic. And I never got the impression he felt the need to mince his words a single time to make them more palatable by anyone’s standards.

I thoroughly enjoyed the read and feel that I was not only entertained but came out of our hours long share fest with more insight from a perspective different from my own and what life looks like from a southern gay black male who gives none of the effs. Word to Queen Bey. Loved it loved it loved it.

Have you read I Can't Date Jesus? 

What are you reading this weekend?

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