LIPSTICK DIARIES | 3 Steps to the Perfect Pout

If you've been reading here for a while, you already know I believe in the power of lipstick. There's something about wearing a flattering shade of lipstick at any event that provides the best confidence boost. And as much as I've discussed alluring shades and formulas here in this space, I have yet to share how I make sure my lipstick is always looking flawless. Well that changes today!

In this space, I'd like to take the opportunity to REALLY talk about lipstick. I mean, we spend countless hours in the beauty aisles debating on which lipsticks get chosen and will be coming home with us. We stare at them in the tubes, we imagine what they might look like applied generously on our lips, and we might even sniff the lipstick to see how we feel about the fragrance. But how often do we talk about how to properly apply our lipstick to REALLY make it look the best on us?

Sure, we want to make sure our lipstick has the best chance of showing up and showing out for us. We want to make sure it's placed perfectly on our beautiful lips each time. We want to make sure our lips are primed and ready for a dope application. And we want to make sure that baby lasts for as long as we want it to each and every time. So if you're new to the lipstick game and want to make sure your lipstick is on point, keep reading to learn three steps for the best lipstick application and performance.

EXFOLIATE. The first step in making sure your lipstick looks perfect each time is always exfoliation. To create a smooth canvas for your lipstick, you must first make sure your lips are smooth and free of dead skin. The best way to do this is to exfoliate them. Lately, before bed, I've been exfoliating my lips with Wet 'n Wild Perfect Pout Lip Scrub. Just dab a little on your lips with your finger and scrub gently for the softest lips ever! And if you'd like to make your own sugar lip scrub at home, there are so many easy tutorials on Pinterest that will work!

MOISTURIZE. The next step in creating a perfect canvas for your lipstick is moisture. In order to maintain the smooth base your lips has after exfoliating is to keep them moisturized. I like to keep a small tub of Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips in my bag and on my nightstand to make sure I'm keeping my lips primed and in top shape. This step is especially important in the late fall and winter months.

LINE & DEFINE.  After making sure your lips are exfoliated and properly moisturized, you can finally move on to the fun part-- choosing your lippie of choice. I usually let my mood dictate my lipstick choices. If you've read this post, you already know that I am likely to wear any shade of lipstick, from vibrant pink to deep purple. I just make sure to find a smooth, pigmented liner like NYX Lipliner in Purple Rain to first line my lips. Then I fill them in with a long-lasting, bold option like ColourPop Matte Lux Lipstick in Doin' Fine. Using a lip liner with the lipstick application allows the lipstick to stay in place and stops the color from bleeding past the lip line. And if you want to make your lipstick last even longer, try filling in your lips with lipliner before applying lipstick. I prefer doing this with cream lipsticks over matte, as matte lipsticks have longer staying power.

So has your lipstick been showing up for you like it's supposed to lately? Are you applying each of these steps when putting that pretty tube of lipstick to use? Let's talk about it in the comments. And if you have any tried and true tips for lipstick application that you would like to share, I'd love to read all about them!

How do you make sure you walk out the door each day with the perfect pout?
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