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If you've been here for a while, you already know we're big on self-care around here. I don't think I can stress enough how imperative it is to take care of yourselves. In order to show up in the world as your best self, you must pour into self often. As nurturers by default, I believe that many of us women only remember the importance of self-care when we're zero miles to empty and in desperate need of restoration. That's why every chance I get, I'm reminding someone (even myself) to add something to the weekly calendar to cater to your individual needs. Fulfilling these needs allows you to operate at your best in service of yourself and others. 

In sharing the message of self-care, I love discussing ways I incorporate self-care into my daily routine. So, when I learned that my dear cousin LaSheena Wilson created her own self-care brand specializing in candles, I knew I had to get familiar right away.  I am so grateful she sent me this beautiful package so I could share it with you guys!


Soarbae was created out of passion to inspire and celebrate women. With each candle, the brand hopes to "ignite the light inside of you to soar beyond the limits." Now I don't know about you guys, but nothing sets the tone like lighting "hand-poured with love" candles when starting my self-care routine. Read below to check out how I've incorporated Soarbae into my moments of self-care.  

READING WITH CARIBBEAN DREAM | It's nothing for me to go to my favorite corner of the house and drink from a great read for hours on end. Just as reading takes me to places I've never been, these wax melts carry me off to foreign lands. With a fusion of luscious mango and coconut, Caribbean Dream will transport your mind to a tropical paradise! The scent fills the room with such a rich, fruity aroma, everyone in my home has fallen in love with it. It adds a tropical/chill vacation-like vibe to the space. Not to mention it lingers for the longest time! This warm scent reminds me that, no matter what have going on throughout the day, I must take a beat to decompress. 

VIBING TO MUSIC WITH CHRISTMAS COOKIE | Y'all know I love my music. Most often, music is like a salve to me. Not only does it help me relax, music also makes me deeply nostalgic, reminding me of simpler times. Often when vibing to music, I like to journal to make note of whatever feelings I'm experiencing in that moment. Lighting up my limited edition Christmas Cookie candle enhances everything! Infused with scents of vanilla and chestnut, Christmas Cookie gave me instant nostalgia and even put me in the Christmas spirit! If you're looking for a scent to lift your mood while you're keeping warm in the house and getting those Christmas decorations up, I suggest you grab this one up ASAP! It makes the entire house smell like warm, baked deliciousness and lasts long after I blow the candle out. I look forward to quiet nights cuddled up in my blankets with this baby lit! 

SETTING THE MOOD WITH SWEET LOVE | When my children are asleep and hubby is at home, I love to create a nice, romantic atmosphere that allows us both to unwind in peace. And the first step of setting the ambiance has been putting a little heat to the lusciousness that is Sweet Love. Since receiving this candle, hubby already knows what time it is when he comes home and this sweet thang is lit! The way the strawberry melds with the peach will make your mouth water! The scent of Sweet Love is long-lasting, and it helps that hubby loves it. Ladies and gentlemen, trust me: you absolutely want your bedroom smelling like this all the time. 

body butter

PERSONAL CARE WITH COCONUT PALMS | Weekly self-care would not be complete without a personal care pamper session, am I right? Just when I thought I couldn't be more indulged by Soarbae candles, I slathered on some of their decadent body butter! A combination of whipped mango and shea butter infused with coconut oil + coconut lime verbena, Coconut Palms is like a luxurious treat for the skin. It gives your skin the moisture it so desperately needs in these cooler months, without being too heavy or greasy. If you are not giving your skin the love + care it needs this season, please grab up some of this. Your thighs will thank you for it! And keep in mind, a little goes a long way.


Using these products from Soarbae have brought so much joy to my personal space this season. While the beautifully scented candles and wax melts have my home smelling rich & decadent, the body butter keeps my skin feeling so soft and supple. From the moment I opened the bow on the sleek, black box, I've enjoyed the thought and care put into these items. From the packaging, to the quality, on down to the fragrance choices: this creator cares about her customers!

LaSheena says she makes each product by hand with love. And when I tell you guys I feel the love when I use each product, please believe me! Each time I light the wax melt or candles, I am reminded of the passion and preservation of a fellow sister, mother, and woman achieving her dreams and sharing her love with others. I feel empowered. I feel recognized. I feel celebrated.

To get more familiar with these products and/or purchase, be sure to check them out over at Soarbae. You will not be disappointed!

Are you familiar with Soarbae Candles yet?
How do you practice self-care in this season?

This product was sent to me to review by Soarbae. However, the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. To read more about my disclosure policy, click here.
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