Book Feature: The Adventures of Pamela King

"The Adventures of Pamela King" series follows Pamela King, a 6-year-old girl exploring the world through her many adventures with her family. Pamela is curious, imaginative, outspoken, and aspires to be the world's best detective. However, sometimes Pamela's eager curiosity can get her into rocky situations, as she is still learning the importance of THINKING BEFORE SHE LEAPS!

"Once Upon a summer Day, Pamela King prepared her gadget bag for a day of travel with her family. Today, the King Family is visiting their Uncle Luther at his giant castle that sits on top of the biggest mountain in town...Now Uncle Luther was not like any normal uncle. He was a world-famous scientist. He invented big machines and had a science lab the size of a house. This trip was the adventure Pamela had been waiting for all summer."

-From "The Adventures of Pamela King Series: Volume 1: Pamela & The Time Machine Mystery: A CHILDREN'S BOOK by Julia Aaryn Montanez, copyright © 2020 by FreeSpirit Ink. Publishing

Meet The Author

"Julia Aaryn Montanez is a community organizer, world traveler, humanitarian, writer and filmmaker. Her passion for writing started at the tender age of 10 years old. Julia credits her enthusiasm for writing to her big imagination! Her mission with "The Adventures of Pamela King" book series and animation is to encourage children everywhere to grow their imagination and to experience the joys of "just being a kid." Our author delivers fun, experimental, and motivating children's books and an animation web-series to ignite the power of a child's imagination. "I believe that the power of imagination is a crucial component in our healthy mental development as adults and children. I have, too often, witnessed children forced to grow up too fast and adults that have lost their vitality due to the stresses of daily life. We can all take a page from a children's book and strive to remain young at heart." ~Julia Aaryn Montanez"

Q&A Session

1.) What inspired the creation of this book and animation series? As a child I was always very imaginative. I loved to purposely mess up my projects for school just so I could figure out how to fix them. And I always would make it better! I think imagination is so important for children and adults. As I got older, I noticed that age naturally changes your mentality as you experience and learn more. Hence the word “wisdom.” Which is a good thing, but who said wisdom has to come at a certain age or not be youthful. The same is true for children forced to grow up too quickly and not enjoy their youth, because of parentless or single parent homes etc. I wanted to create a family that was fun, youthful, curious, normal, but also still learning the world. We never stop learning and that’s why imagination is so important.

2.) What are your plans for the future of "The Adventures of Pamela King" book and animation series?  Right now, I am running a 60-Day Kickstarter Campaign to raise funding for our marketing and production efforts. Merchandise is next, of course, and the second book is on it’s way! We have a full feature animation script prepped and ready for any interested animation studios also (*Winking* (HAHA) at Sony, DreamWorks, & Disney Animation)!

3.) What are some important messages you hope readers can gain from reading your content? Live life! Don’t be afraid to be who you are, but we all have to be responsible and accountable for the lives we CHOOSE to live and actions we take. I think what Pamela learns in her adventures most is about accountability and how to moderate her curiosity. Discernment is also a very important trait children are learning, and it is something we don’t talk enough about. Freedom is great! I hear a lot of parents say that nowadays. “I want my child to be a free thinker and be free to be whatever they want. I agree with that, but I also believe in the fundamental understanding of the cause and effect of our actions. Which ultimately becomes our personality. Gaining great lifelong wisdom is the goal!

4.) How important is representation right now in the current Black culture and society specifically?  It’s 2021 and we are just now discovering about Kings and Queens that ruled in Africa. Stories of these courageous people that looked like me doing such amazing things. It is power in that narrative, and as a child I did not have those options of the internet to teach me things. My father taught me. School and TV did not. Now that that has changed, I want to add to the movement, because it is a powerful and important part of history for our culture and the future of our culture. A little girl of any race should know she is important, uniquely beautiful, and can be a detective, or a scientist, or a mechanic. That is why representation matters!

5.) What are some obstacles you faced as a first time Author?  I self-published during a pandemic with scarce knowledge on what I was doing. I read a little here and there and I jumped in head-first. Hence, where I got PAMELA’s character’s personality from. Haha! The publishing distributor I got with was horrible and I was forced to switch while trying to launch my book. They did not care about me or my book, they just wanted my money and used the pandemic as an excuse to bypass having great customer service. Terrible, terrible service. And the worst part is they are very well known! But it was all a learning experience. My readers are happy so that’s what matters most to me!

6.) What are some positive affirmations you tell yourself to stay focused on crushing your goals?  My positivity is normally rooted-in-reality. So the reality is, if I don’t work hard for myself and loved ones, who else will? I am going to be the first billionaire in my family. That’s would seem like a lot of pressure, but I believe that the God gives us visions for a reason and I wake up each day obeying that vision. I think my obedience to God is what drives me.

7.) Who is your biggest inspiration and why?  My mother first and foremost. She’s the hardest working woman I know. She is 64 years old and refuses to stop working. I think it’s just who she is and I was lucky enough to get that from here. I go harder than anyone I know. My other inspirations are the classics such as, Issa Rae, Ava DuVernay, Mara Brock Akil, so many black women power-house creators that just created their own path. They inspire me so much. They represent so much class and real-ness and show me I am capable for anything.

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