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As the seasons change, I always find a way to add a few new lipsticks to my makeup bag. It's such a habit! And while I like to peruse the beauty aisles for what's new, looking for long-lasting shades and finishes that promise to hydrate and show-out, I sometimes tip-toe back to the familiar. You know how it is. You get all the compliments from that lipstick you were rocking at the function last year only to find it has long run out. You recall that lipstick you used to wear before the pandemic that people passing by always said looked amazing on you and realize you need to see if it's still available in stores. Those were my feelings when I sought out to repurchase the Black Radiance Perfect Tone HD Lip Sculptor Lipsticks I swooned over in the drugstore a couple of years ago.

fall lipsticks

When I first purchased a couple of these beauties, I had not saw many reviews of them online. However, I haven't been disappointed by Black Radiance yet. With an array of shades to choose from and an awesome price point, I knew it would be no problem for me to purchase and repurchase these lipsticks for as long as they were in stock. And since I was so impressed with the formula, I bought quite a few as my local store started discounting them recently.

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According to the Black Radiance website, these lipsticks "shade and contour lips with long-lasting, pigment-rich color." I don't know about you, but "long-wearing, comfortable, and universally flattering" are the exact things I look for in a lipstick. "The gel-crème formula cushions lips with pampering care, while the unique geometric stick contour, shape, and sculpt lips to perfection with luxurious rich color."

Below are the lipsticks in my current collection (left to right, top to bottom)-- Sex Kitten, Belle Majesty, Slay Queen, Melanin Princess, and last but not least, Brown Sugar Babe.

black radiance lipsticks

SEX KITTEN is the vibrant red of the bunch. She goes on smooth and lasts long without the help of a gloss or a liner. She's flirty and I love to wear her for a pick-me up as needed.

BELLE MAJESTY is a beautiful orange. And while I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this lippie at first glance, I love how it looks on me. It wasn't as vibrant as I assumed, which makes it an ideal everyday lippie. I wear it as-is, but you could always rock it with a chocolate liner to make it more wearable.

SLAY QUEEN is THAT GIRL when it comes to nude, neutral lipsticks. While I won't say it's my favorite of the crew, I do reach for it a lot. It's perfect for any occasion and is so flattering! You could pair this lippie with any color liner you desire, depending on your mood + preferences.

MELANIN PRINCESS is a creamy chocolate dream when it comes to lipstick shades. She looks so gorgeous on brown skin!  It doesn't require a liner or gloss and lasts for a while without being drying at all! I love her as an everyday get-down.

black radiance lipstick

BROWN SUGAR BABE is last in my round-up, but definitely not least! Just from this shot alone, you can already see how she shows up and shows out, right? This baby is a deep, full-bodied brown that understood the assignment! While I like to refer to Melanin Princess as a milk chocolate shade, I often refer to Brown Sugar Babe as her dark chocolate sister. I like to wear her for a night out on the town or on dates because hubby seems to love this lipstick. If you don't grab any lipstick from the crew this season, please consider adding this beauty to your rotation! 

As you can see from my smile in the above pics, I'm loving the Black Radiance Perfect Tone HD Lip Sculptor Lipsticks I own. There's a wide range of lipsticks to choose from in this collection that flatter all complexions. They're all long-lasting without being uncomfortably drying without gloss. And the diamond shape of the lipsticks make it a breeze to apply, using the sharper edges to line and contour the lips first. You can find the Black Radiance Perfect Tone HD Lip Sculptor Lipsticks in most drugstores for around $5 each. If you're lucky, you can find many of them in Walgreens on sale. And you can always shop my Makeup Must Haves from my Amazon shop here.

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