Sundays At Dre's | Volume 1

Sundays always feel like a reset around my way. This particular day of the week allows me the time and space to recalibrate, if you will. I spend my morning getting my praise and worship on, making something nice and savory to eat, planning for the upcoming week, and enjoying lots of quiet time alone.  And believe me, the quiet time really sets the tone for the week ahead. Not only does it calm me, it helps me to be present without becoming overwhelmed with the upcoming week's tasks. Sometimes this quiet time is spent with my journal. Other times it's spent with a blank canvas and some acrylic paints. Most often this time is shared with an engaging hardcover book. But no matter how I decide to spend quiet time on Sunday, my time is always illuminated by soundtrack music.

If you've been here for a while, you already know music is life. I have a playlist for every vibe, mood, experience, memory, and feeling, no matter how fleeting. Sundays are no different. For y'all that follow me on Instagram, you may be familiar with "Sundays At Dre's," the playlists I used to share over there in my stories on Sundays. Today I decided to share them in this space as well.

spotify playlist

This is the very first Sundays At Dre's playlist I created on Spotify. This playlist features a little smooth soul + funk to vibe with on a crisp Sunday afternoon. If you're a fan of the likes of L.T.D., Chaka Khan, Evelyn "Champagne" King, Rick James, and Rose Royce, you will love this playlist. Click the image above to open the playlist up in a new window. 

Loving these Spotify playlists? Let me know in the comments if you want more here on the blog. And be sure to give me a follow if you're on Spotify, too. I love making mixtapes and sharing music with my friends over there.


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