Blossom Into The Feminine | A Playlist

What does basking in your femininity mean to you?

To me, this means embracing the qualities that make me who I am as a woman-- my softness, my sensuality, my ability to nurture and create from the most sacred spaces within me. And since learning to fully embrace my femininity years ago, I"ve felt an ease in my mind + body like never before. I welcome change with less resistance. I don't let the thoughts and opinions of others affect me as much. I am more accepting of who I am in totality. I welcome and embrace the genuine love around me. I feel blessed and grateful to return the love, in a genuine way. And I honor my sensuality, allowing myself to fully enjoy the things that make me feel pleasure.

As with anything I do, I've created a playlist featuring many songs that put me in a state of flow, when it comes to my femininity. Songs that feel good when I sing the lyrics. Songs that sound good sliding through my speakers on quiet nights alone. Songs that remind me that I am a soft, gentle being that allows herself to give and receive pleasure.

QUEUE THE "Blossom Into The Feminine" PLAYLIST:  This is for those late nights when you wanna take off the worries of the day and rest in your softness. Perhaps you've been moving in your strength and donning your proverbial shields for much too long. "Blossom Into The Feminine" will remind you of your tenderness.  Click the image above to open the playlist up in a new window.

NOTE: This playlist is strictly for the grown folks! Take heed!

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