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If you are a beauty lover like myself, I'm sure you've had your share of  NYX Cosmetics filling your makeup bag. Over the years, beauty brand NYX Cosmetics has been a staple in my beauty arsenal. Their primers, lipsticks, eyeliners, lipliners, brow pens, and blushes have been automatic repurchases, as I've been so pleased with the quality and affordability of theses items. And as much as I've gushed over said products in the past, nothing has quite compared to my love of the NYX Butter Gloss. Any gloss girlie can tell you-- NYX Butter Gloss was, is, and will always be THAT GIRL.


Deemed "America's #1 Lip Gloss" on the NYX Cosmetics website, Butter Gloss is a fan favorite for good reason. With 29 shades of creamy gloss, there's a color (or 3) for everyone. Each gloss gives sheer to medium coverage, with the exception of the clear gloss. And the best thing about them? They glide on beautifully, giving your lips just the desired amount of shine WITHOUT the stickiness. I don't know about anyone else, but for me, a tacky lip gloss can ruin an entire lip look. But not Butter Gloss. She plays well alone or layered with other lip products, such as liners and lipsticks. 

While talking about these glosses with a friend the other day, I was asked which were my favorites among the bunch. So, I decided to share my top three here with you guys as well. I've bought so many different shades of NYX Butter Gloss over the years. However, three in particular are always found IN MULTIPLES in my makeup bag, in my purse, and on my vanity. ENTER: Tiramisu, Praline, and Ginger Snap.

nude lipgloss

TIRAMISU is a light neutral gloss that gives a "lips but better" shade. It falls under the "vanilla" category of  Butter Gloss. This is my go-to when wanting to give a little color and shine to the lips without the fuss. It can be dressed up with a soft pink lipliner or layered over a beautiful mauve lipstick. 

nude lipgloss

PRALINE is a medium neutral that wears like a soft brown on the lips. It falls under the "caramel" category of Butter Gloss. This one is my tried-and-true everyday lip gloss. It can be paired with a soft brown liner (like NYX Espresso) to make it a true nude lip, or you can wear it as is, like I do. 

nude lipgloss

GINGER SNAP is a rich warm gloss and the stand-out shade of the crew. She falls under the "chocolate" category of Butter Gloss. As you can see from the pic above, she's the most pigmented of the bunch and packs a pretty application of brown on the lips. And while she looks a bit dark on my lips, she might show up a bit lighter on others. Wear her alone or with a rich chocolate liner + lipstick to see her in all her shiny glory.


What I love most about NYX Butter Gloss is the wear time. With most glosses, especially glosses with decadent flavor like butter gloss, I find them having short wear time. Either they are easily licked off, or they become tacky in the corners of the mouth over time. Butter Gloss, however, gives shine and moisture for as long as you'll allow her to. Of course, it will have to be re-applied after eating or drinking. But for the low price point of $6, I don't mind it at all.


If you haven't gotten your hands on these babies yet, you can find them virtually anywhere. I've found them at my local beauty supply store, most drugstores, Ulta, and every big box store I've been in. If you're like me and like making your beauty purchases online, you can buy these on the NYX website or on my Amazon Store Front under "Makeup Bag Must Haves." Which one(s) do you think you'll be picking up?




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