Five Ways to Read More for Less

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If you've been here for a while, you already know about my love of books. In fact, if you've been here since the beginning, you'll know that I used to maintain a book blog as well. So, knowing that I've been obsessed with books for my entire life will come as no surprise to you. The constant urge to purchase the latest release and the perpetual salivating over pretty book covers has plagued me for years. I'm definitely that reader that daydreams about subplots and colorful characters before I even crack open the hardcover.

I've also spread this love of reading on to my children and they have their own favorites to contend with: comics, graphic novels, manga, young adult fiction, science fiction, poetry, you name it. And with everyone loving to read, the amount we spend on books would get out of hand at times. Over time, I have found ways to remedy breaking our book budget. So, I've decided to share here some affordable ways to read more books if you can relate to any of the above. Also, if reading more is a goal you've created for yourself this year, here are some cost-effective ways to get more reading in!

1. HEAD TO YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY. Having a library card gives you access to so many good books at no cost. Along with the ability to check out physical books from the library, you're also able to peruse e-books and audiobooks through the Libby App. Visiting the local library still grants access to newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals. Many also loan patrons movies and video games as well. And if you're like me and love the idea of keeping that book forever, you can often find discarded books on display at the library, just waiting to be taken home by you. These gently-loved books can range anywhere from $0.25 to $3! 

2. BUY DISCOUNTED BOOKS Speaking of gently-loved books, there are many places to find them all around you. The local Goodwill and consignment shops have shelves filled to the brim with them.  And if you happen to live far away from local consignment shops or would rather shop online, places like Better World Books and Thriftbooks have virtually any book you can think of. And websites like Book Outlet sell overstocked books at a deep discount. 

It's no secret that most of my home library is built on discounted books (unless they were gifted). People always see my bookshelves and assume I spend way too much money on books, but that could be further from the truth.  If you don't mind overstocked books or slightly loved books, these are the best sites for purchasing many books at once. Both Better World Books and Thriftbooks gives users the ability to create a wish list. After creating the wish list, the website sends notifications when books from the list are in stock. You also get to choose "like new" book options, which I always do.

3. SWAP BOOKS WITH FRIENDS. If you have fellow bookish friends who don't mind sharing their favorite reads, why not swap good books with them? If you are friends, it's possible you have a common taste in books. Let your bestie give you your next book recommendation straight from her shelf and make sure to return his or her book as soon as you finish. Don't be like me and hold on to the book so long you begin to think you're the rightful owner! And if you don't have any friends close by who share the same love of reading as you, take a chance at finding your reading tribe online. I've swapped books with avid readers I've connected with on Instagram and it was an enjoyable experience each time!

4. GET A BOOK MEMBERSHIP. When it comes to book memberships, Kindle Unlimited and Scribd are at the top of my list. For a monthly fee of $10 or so, members have access to hundreds of e-books and audiobooks. There are also several book boxes readers can subscribe to, especially when physical books are your vibe. Literally Black, Book of the Month, and BlackLit are three options in which members choose from curated selections to receive each month for prices ranging from $9.99-$29.99. Monthly box subscriptions are ideal for those who prefer monthly reminders to get reading in without the hassle. 

5. JOIN BOOK REVIEW SITES. If you are an avid reader that also likes to write and share your opinions on public platforms, you might like to be a reviewer on various websites. Especially if you are one that likes to be up on the latest releases and what is popular. Right now, I'm currently a reviewer for Netgalley and Edelweiss. And quite honestly, I love being able to share the latest good books with my friends & readers by reviewing ARCs.

If you or any members of your family are avid readers, you understand the seriousness of being able to have good books at your disposal. That's why it means a lot to have good books readily available and affordable. I hope that by any of the above means, you are able to find your next good read with ease on your mind and your wallet!

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