An Ode to Girlfriends

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As many of who have been following me for a while may already know, I love Girlfriends.  Girlfriends may in fact be my most favorite show of all time.  In my years of tuning in to each and every episode at least three times during its run, I would like to say I'm a huge fan.

For starters, a show set in the new millennium that focused on the lives of women and their interactions with each other drew me in immediately.  For me, this was the best thing since Living Single! These four very different women, all from four different walks of life, shared such strong bonds. And even though Toni and Maya were my two favorites, I feel that I could relate to each one of them in a unique way. Joan was the nucleus of the group, holding everyone together. She was a perfectionist, and sometimes a nervous wreck. In those ways I was just like Joan. Then there's her best friend, Toni. Toni feeds the "Champagne-Dreamer" in me. Toni prides herself on living a life of fabulousness and lavishness at all costs. Plus, she is such a diva. Maya mirrors the writer in me and the "Aw Hell Nah" attitude I tend to catch if I'm not too careful about my surroundings. And Lynn, poor, lost Lynn. I feel like Lynn some days, especially with all the majors I've chosen during my time in college. Though she's quirky and such a moocher, I still love her spirit and presence. I fell in love with each of these girls, and William as well, over the course of the seasons.

As a way to show my love and appreciation for the show, I decided to put a series of posts together for you guys.  Following this post, on each Tuesday in March, I will be sharing a post highlighting things I have learned from each of the fabulous four Girlfriends.  Stay tuned for each of them!

Were you a fan of Girlfriends?  Who was your favorite?

NOTE: You can now check out the entire series by clicking each of the following links:

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